Ultimate Styling Guide to Carry Leather Bomber Jacket Elegantly


Every year, the fashion business comes up with new trends. Recently, people have taken a step back and brought back a classic piece of clothing: the leather bomber jacket. People often mistake the bomber jacket for a shearling jacket or puffer jacket because it has sherpa; let know first that the leather jacket has a lot more to offer than those two. It’s more fashionable as compared to a puffer jacket and more comfortable than a parka and moto jacket. This leather jacket can be worn in a lot of different ways, which makes it very useful. Everyone should have one in their closet. Let’s start this post with the introduction to leather bomber jackets- from where they come!

History of Bomber Jacket

Have you thought the men’s leather bomber jacket has only recently become popular on social media? It has been around for a long time. During World War II, a bomber jacket was made for people who were pilots. In 1917, the US made the first bomber jackets. They were called “flight jackets” when they were first made. In the beginning, jackets were made to keep pilots warm, so they were covered with fur to keep out the cold.

As society got better, the bomber jacket got better, too. There were new styles and details, like a zip closure, waistbands, and knitted cuffs.  The bomber jacket didn’t become popular with the public until the 1960s. Since then, brands have taken the bomber jacket and turned it into a popular piece of clothing.

Types of Bomber Jacket

As with any fashion trend, bomber jackets come in many different styles. There are both men’s and women’s bomber jackets. You can choose something with leather or fur. Many people are making their first appearances in denim bomber jackets, and camo seems to be making a comeback as well. This kind of jacket is always getting new styles, and there are so many things to think about. Here, we talk about the basics of flight jackets, which are now called bomber jackets.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather bomber jackets can be worn with jeans for casual and special occasions. If you want a leather bomber to last a long time, you should look for a high-quality one.

Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede bomber jackets can look both casual and elegant. Suede shoes are stylish, but they may not be good for days that aren’t sunny. When looking for the right suede bomber jacket, think about what colors look best on you. A suede bomber in beige, brown, or stone will look great with your outfit.

Nylon Bomber Jacket

The best bomber jackets are made of nylon because it is so light. Nylon won’t make you look too stylish, but it can still make you look elegant. Traditional bombers that many men wear today are made of nylon. However, over time, these jackets have become slimmer, but they are still very popular.

Varsity Bomber Jacket

When colleges started these jackets turn into varsity jackets, the varsity bomber jacket became more popular. The varsity bomber is a comfortable and sporty jacket that often has stripes on the sleeves, cuffs, and waistband. The shape of this varsity jacket is like that of the flight bomber worn by the US military. The students who wear it proudly wear the colors of their university.

How to Choose Leather Bomber Jacket

With so many styles, it can be hard to choose the right leather bomber jacket for men. Because it can be worn in so many ways, a bomber jacket is a great choice for any event. When you just want to hang out, a bomber jacket looks great with pants and jeans. Most of the time, sneakers are a great choice to finish off this casual look. Choose a bomber jacket in a neutral color for events that are more formal. You should wear it with a shirt with a collar, some pants, and loafers.

Leather bomber jackets are timeless; choose different patterns, colors, and styles of jackets and paired with shirts, jeans, or sweaters.

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