Unbiased Comparisons: 5 Types of Mattress That You Should Know About


Buying a new mattress has always been exciting because this is something you do not do every day or every month. With the help of technology, science has innovated so many types of mattresses in the past years to allow you to choose from the best products depending on your sleeping needs. However, this can be costly, too, as there are many types of mattresses available in the market.

Fortunately, not all of them are too costly. There are types of mattresses that are within your budget, and there are also pricey ones but worth your money. Nevertheless, this article will outline and talk about the types of mattresses with their pros and cons that may help you choose from the best mattresses out there. Here are the lists below.

Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most popular mattresses out there is Memory Foam. If you enjoy being cradled to sleep and just sink into your bed, then this mattress is the best for you. Memory foams are popular because of how they can contour your body while asleep. Not only that, prevention is better than cure; with that said, memory foam can not only relieve back pains but also prevent them before you even know it.

However, a common customer’s complaint regarding memory foam mattress in a box is they have an unpleasant chemical odor if newly purchased.  Furthermore, since you’ll sink into your bed, it can become hotter, which you do not want this summer. To ensure that you’ll have more information about the best mattresses for you, it’s a good idea to browse the internet and check the reviews and ratings of a mattress you’re interested in.

Latex Mattress

Most shopper’s dreams are to have a latex mattress at home. However, the price has always been the biggest factor why they can’t have it. But that was history. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technologies, there is a decrease in price for latex mattresses. Besides, they are somewhat similar to memory foam, but they are more firm, durable, and you can sleep cooler.

However, the downfall of latex mattresses is they are not convenient in terms that they are very heavy, so you cannot move them easily. In addition, the synthetic type of latex mattress has a very strong chemical odor that needs to be released upon purchase. Lastly, although they are now much more affordable than before, some people still find them very costly as you cannot exclude the fact that they have a higher price compared to other mattresses.

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress will give you a nostalgic feeling when you were just a kid playing and bouncing on top of the mattress. This is one of its advantages; they are widely available, which makes them the least expensive. They are also well-known because they do not trap heat; hence, the surface is breathable. Not only that, they are a good option supporting your back because of their firmness options.

In spite of that, since they are the least expensive mattress, poor longevity comes along with them. The coil of the innerspring mattress wears out faster than other mattresses like pocket springs which are very durable. In addition, if you are a side sleeper, this mattress may not suit you because its coils do not contour well to your body, resulting in body pains and other aches.

Pocketed Coil Mattress

If you are not sure what a coil means, it’s the same with spring. So this mattress is more similar to innerspring. However, they also have many differences apart from their features. For starters, the coil used in the pocket coil mattress has a fabric casing that is good for couples who toss and turn as they can absorb movement.

Despite that, pocketed coil mattresses are more expensive than innerspring mattresses. Mainly because of the materials they used. Not only that, since some of the materials used aside from coils are wool and fiber, dust mites create an environment where they can flourish. So you will need to clean your spring mattress too often. However, cleaning can cost most of your time as they are so heavy and can not be moved easily.

Polyfoam Mattress

Whatever you want to call them, Poly Foam or Polyurethane, this mattress is one of the classic and most affordable mattresses in the market. They are highly favored because of how you can easily move them. For example, you want to spend your time with your family watching movies; you can easily carry polyfoams in your living room and enjoy the rest of the night.

However, due to some technological advancement, this classic mattress gives way to new ones. While it’s true that they can easily be moved anywhere, this makes them less durable. In addition, they also have shorter longevity compared to latex mattresses like Amerisleep Organica as polyfoam mattresses can easily get soggy and stains.


Truth be told, if you plan to buy a new mattress, there are many types to choose from, which you also have the option to browse the internet to know more about their information. However, those mentioned above are the best types of mattresses you can have at home, along with an unbiased comparison. While it’s a good idea to be skeptical when buying one, never hesitate to invest when it comes to having a night of restless sleep.

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