Under What Circumstances Can You Own A Gun In Australia?


Throughout the world, there are some countries where guns are relatively easy to acquire, and some, where it is almost impossible for the average person to own one. Gun ownership in Australia can vary slightly by state, but there are some general rules in place that dictate who can own a gun and under what circumstances they can own a gun throughout the country.

If you are interested in gun sales in Australia and want to know if you will be able to purchase a gun within the limits of the law, then it is important to be prepared. Having the information in your mind will help you avoid getting into trouble and acquire a gun if your purpose for having it is legitimate.

Let’s look at the specific circumstances of when you can own a gun in Australia.

Meet The Personal Qualifications

First, you must meet the general qualifications for owning a firearm to purchase one in Australia. For example, you must be over the age of eighteen and you must also be a “fit and proper person.” This latter point refers to any criminal record you might have or any health issues that may limit your ability to buy a firearm.

You also need to have completed a firearms safety training course within the last year. This is a licensing requirement that ensures that you know how to use your firearm in a way that will not harm yourself or others. For the same reason, it is also required that you have a secure place to store the gun that you plan to buy.

Finally, you must have a legitimate reason for owning a gun with supporting proof to present when you buy it. We will discuss some of these legitimate reasons below.

Sport Shooting

Sport shooting in the context of a sport shooting club is one legitimate reason for owning a firearm in Australia. In many cases, renting guns from these clubs can be expensive and owning one allows you to save money in the long run. Since this reason for owning a gun is benign, owning a gun in this context is acceptable. 


Hunting in either an amateur or professional context is also a legitimate reason for owning a firearm in Australia. Rifles are typically used by most hunters for hunting all types of game, so it is intuitive that this is included in the list.

Primary Production

If you are involved in any farming or grazing activities that require you to protect your livelihood, then owning a firearm is legitimate.


If you are a police officer or a security guard, or in a related field, then owning a firearm for the purpose of employment is deemed to be legitimate.

Official Use

There are some circumstances where a special law will allow some people to own a firearm for very specific purposes. As a regular citizen, it is unlikely that you will fall into this category.

Stay Within The Law

If you are looking for a firearm for other purposes, such as self-defence, for example, then it is important for you to know that this is not legitimate in Australia. The circumstances outlined here represent the general rules and occasions when firearm ownership falls within the boundaries of the law.

Be sure to check with your state regulations to see if there are differences that will apply to your case. You may have to comply with other state-specific rules if you plan on purchasing a firearm, even if your intended use is one of the cases on this list.

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