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After working hard every day of your life fulfilling your various responsibilities, wouldn’t you like to retire in peace and ease? Everyone wishes for a well-earned period for oneself, with no duties or the need to fulfil daily chores and manage expenses.

Many people wish for a place where all your needs and comfort are met, and all you need to do is enjoy your life – sounds like a dream! This dream is now a reality because of the independent living facilities that thoughtfully consider all you need and more. The retirement villages in Sydney are planned and managed to look after your comfort and convenience, including your health.

Retirement living in Sydney is becoming more and more popular now, simply because of the ease of living without being hassled about the life problems and issues that assail us in our day-to-day lives. Planning for the retired life is an important aspect of life that one needs to seriously pay attention to and begin taking steps in this direction as soon as you are 50 years old. It is an age when most personal responsibilities towards the family and children have been fulfilled. After having an illustriously accomplished professional life, you can finally take it a little easier. Begin by choosing an investment plan in consultation with a professional advisor, and begin investing for your retirement years. The next step would be to select the right kind of retirement village in NSW or an area you would like to spend your next few decades in, a facility that compliments the vision you have for your retirement lifestyle.

Here are the top reasons you should consider living in a Retirement Village.

  1. Extension of independent lifestyle: Retirement villages extend the independent lifestyle you have been living up till now. They do not offer specialised medical care, as they aren’t hospices and are simply a housing arrangement designed exclusively for adults over 55 years of age.
  2. Multiple living options: They offer numerous living options that you can choose from apartment-style or detached homes for single-family.
  3. Worry-free maintenance and management: The care and management of the village are looked after by the facility themselves, so you do not need to worry.
  4. Easy navigation and friendly environs: The facility grounds are planned thoughtfully, making them easier to navigate with a compact, friendly environment for your ease and comfort.
  5. Mini townships for recreation: The Villages are planned as mini townships, with all the amenities and recreation facilities like the gym, swimming pool, health centre, recreation centre, library, café-restaurant, outdoor sports & recreation, and a medical room. With golf carts on standby to take you around village grounds, experience beautifully landscaped gardens maintained by the staff.
  6. Multiple possibilities: The retirement village life provides you with an opportunity to pursue your interests and hobbies – access to a world of possibilities.
  7. Share common interests and bonding: You will live amongst your peers, sharing common interests, bonding, and forming lasting friendships and relationships.
  8. Trained community: A well trained and experienced support community standing by to support and assist you with your daily activities and chores – like running errands, filling prescriptions, accompanying you for health check-ups and so on.
  9. Family and friends allowed for visits: Your family and friends can visit you anytime you want. After all, this would be your home, and you will certainly find it great to have familiar faces to visit you.
  10. Specialised support when necessary: The facility also partners with you to create an individual specialised support system.
  11. In-house medical staff: The village does its best to arrange for the services that are not provided in-house and has an in-house doctor on call for any medical urgencies.

Choosing your living quarters/space

Many retirement villages offer lifestyle options, just like the retirement village in North Shore in Sydney.

  • The apartment-style living: Apartments in a building complex with minimum floors spread on open-spaced grounds with basic amenities like a lift, an in-house phone connection connecting you with other residents, and the reception/ administration building and facility heads. You can choose your apartment from the options available, for example, a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and sitting room.
  • The single-family unit: Independent, stand-alone houses for single families built around in a planned cluster with adequate distance between them. The single-family units are single-floored buildings with an in-house intercom system.

Once you choose the right retirement village for you, contact the centre, and the able professionals will guide you through the process. Also, providing relevant financial support and backup details is essential to move into any retirement village in Sydney.

Register and fulfil all formalities to settle in your new home, and the retirement village professionals will help you manage the rest.


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