Understanding Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are another popular way for people to curb their nicotine cravings and get more out of their e-liquid. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re searching for the next step in your journey, nic salts could be the answer to kicking the smoking habit once and for all.

Before choosing any sort of e-liquid, it’s important to do your research. There can be a lot of misinformation and confusing advice out there when it comes to vaping, so do your homework first! With that in mind, Original C offer some guidance on what nic salts are and how to use them.

What exactly are nic salts?

It’s important to note that nicotine salts aren’t actually salty. The name  is derived from the form in which the nicotine molecule exists- which can be either as a “freebase” or as a “salt” .  Both of these forms are found naturally in tobacco plants. So if you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, chances are you’ve already experienced nicotine salts.  However, nicotine salts themselves are tobacco free which  is reassuring if you are looking to ditch the tobacco and any harmful toxins that come with it.

In standard e-liquid, freebase nicotine is used which is extracted from tobacco leaves. It’s considered the purest form of nicotine.The higher the strength, the harsher it can be on your throat.

Freebase nicotine is an alkaline with a pH above 8., Nicotine salts are created by adding one of a number of naturally occurring organic acids to the freebase nicotine. The organic acid molecules bind with the nicotine (forming the “salt”), whilst also reducing the pH.So adding an organic acid to freebase nicotine will produce a nicotine salt, and there are a number of different types.  Our Nic Rush range uses benzoic acid, which provides an excellent flavour base.

What’s the difference?

When using nicotine salt, you’ll notice the nicotine rush or buzz is much more similar to smoking a cigarette. Nic salts deliver that similar nicotine kick but without the toxins of smoking.. Nicotine salts are often available in a higher strength, typically around 20mg, but with a much smoother throat hit.

Why choose nic salts?

Nicotine salts are often an ideal choice for transitioning smokers who require a strong nicotine level to curb their cravings. Nic salts are absorbed quickly but will also leave your system quickly. This means you’re able to alleviate your cravings more effectively and with less puffs, thanks to the  stronger hit.

You will typically find you don’t need as much e-liquid when using nic salts, compared to freebase nicotine, but this can vary on individual preferences and usage.

Because of the high nicotine levels, it’s possible that using nic salts could be helpful if you’re hoping to ditch the cigarettes while effectively managing your cravings.

What else should you know about nic salts?

If you’re already vaping and satisfied with what you’re using currently, there might not be a need to switch to nicotine salts. However, it can depend on your preferences.

Nic salts are particularly suitable for mouth to lung vapers. This refers to a style of vaping that allows you to collect vapour inside your mouth before inhaling it, much like that of a cigarette! Nicotine salts don’t produce big clouds of vapour, so you can enjoy a hit but in a smaller and more concentrated dose. With that in mind, nic salts aren’t the best choice for cloud chasers.

Nic salts should also be used with low wattage devices and aren’t recommended for sub-ohm devices. This is because you don’t need to consume as much vapour to get the same amount of nicotine in a high powered device.

So, if you’ve been wondering what nic salts are and where to start, hopefully this has given you some useful information!