Understanding Trip Levels


When you are thinking about consuming magic mushrooms, or psilocybin, you should be sure to plan your trips carefully and understand the different levels. That way you can ensure you get the experience you are looking for. Here is a closer look at what the trip levels look like.

Trip levels from 0 to 5

0 also known as microdosing

If you are looking for a magic mushroom microdose Canada, then the dosage falls between 0.2 grams and 0.5 grams. It is the smallest amount and you can choose to take it two or three times a week to keep the feelings going, boosting creativity, making you feel better. You can easily maintain your day-to-day life still.

1 for mild effects

If you have tried magic mushroom microdose Canada and you are looking for something with a bit more strength but still mild, then you would take between 0.8 grams and 1 gram. Similar to the high effect you get from weed you feel happy, are more sociable and outgoing, enjoy listening to music that sounds more complex and your mind frees up a little. You might have some visual and sound alterations but they would only be very small.

2 for beginners wanting a real trip without too much intensity

For something where you experience that light body high feeling with colours being more vivid, you need a dose between 1 to 1.5 grams. Sometimes this level can just be a more intense form of level 1 but with a push towards the upper range, it can be more with auditory and visual hallucinations starting, things moving around, geometric shapes when you shut your eyes and so on. Concentrating on anything else is harder and so is communication. You will feel a sense of euphoria, sensations will be enhanced and you will have more creativity.

3 is that psychedelic trip you hear about

Taking 1.5 grams to 3 grams will get you the kind of trip you have heard about. It is good for a beginner trip without the risk of taking too much. This is where you get real visual hallucinations, fractals and patterns. Visuals will no longer be subtle but obvious. Magic mushrooms Canada at this level affect your field of depth, you will experience time distortion, surfaces of objects will move.

4 is a stronger trip

For a level 4 trip, you would take 3 grams to 4 grams and you can expect what you felt with a level 3 but a lot stronger. Things are more psychedelic, colours, shapes blending together and waves of consciousness. You will have some moments where you know what is real and what is not, and you will have some moments where you do not. Imagined objects might appear, there is no concept of time and this is where the mind-expanding and life-altering effects happen. Only go to this level or the next if you are experienced.

5 is a loss of all contact with what is real

Finally, at level 5 you are taking between 4 and 5 grams and you essentially lose all touch with reality. It is extremely intense at this level with magic mushrooms Canada, and time and space are distorted, there is no logic or reasoning. People experience a loss of identity and become very introspective, emotional and experiences are sometimes so sensitive and personal they are unable to explain it when it is over.

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