Unique CBD Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You can’t have been present in 2019 if you haven’t heard about CBD. It is one of those items that has been hot on the lips of athletes, business moguls, doctors and farmers alike and is one of this disruptor products that has shaken up the market of not just self-medication, but medication as a whole. CBD is one of the compounds found cannabis and its health benefits are only just beginning to be understood. You can purchase CBD in a variety of mediums, from oils to infused gummies, cakes, coffee just to name a few! But what makes CBD so good for you? Here are some interesting facts you probably never knew!

CBD Comes From Both Hemp and Marijuana Plants

Most people think that cannabis is bad and hemp is its useful cousin. This is absolutely not the case, the only difference between the plants is the volume of compounds found in them. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis and can be found in both, only it is in higher quantities in the cannabis stevia. Likewise, both cannabis and hemp have CBD in them with a more equal distribution across the two species.

CBD Wont Get You High

CBD and its derived products still face vilification by a lot of people who think that anything related to marijuana will get you high, this isn’t the case at all. CBD is just one compound in the cannabis stevia out of 423, it is the THC component that gets people high and you can purchase CBD products without any THC in them!

CBD Can Help Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

To get some real insight into how CBD is helping people, you need to look past google webpages for some genuine answers that aren’t being provided by the CBD company. There are a lot of journals out there detailing how CBD can reduce inflammation and swelling in test subjects, especially after strenuous exercise. The reduction of swelling and inflammation in turn promotes effective healing of the area!

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety

CBD has been shown in many studies effectively reduce not only the physiological response to anxiety, so clenched jaw, tight shoulders and bad stomach. Scientists are beginning to explore how CBD works on a neuropathic level to help reduce how anxiety impacts our brains. When we are anxious, parts of our brain behave differently, and some scientists think that CBD helps keep this in check by increasing the volume of blood in this area.

CBD Can Help With Insomnia

If you have ever suffered with insomnia you know how truly awful it can be. It is one of those things where you don’t want to self-medicate with stronger tranquilisers because they often result in you not feeling rested. Higher doses of CBD can produce a natural sedative effect, as we have previously mentioned it will reduce your physiological and neurological responses to anxiety and then help you settle into a reduced awareness state and eventually sleep.

CBD Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

We’re not far off asking the question ‘is there anything this compound can’t do?’. It is argued by some that CBD promotes a good maintenance level of blood sugar. Blood sugar can be particularly difficult to manage, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Spikes and drops can increase the chance of wanting to eat sugary and processed foods which can take you off track.

With CBD keeping blood sugar at a happy medium, it makes sure that you don’t get these cravings. As if this wasn’t enough, CBD promotes the stimulation of genes that break down fat. Because it increases the stimulation of these genes, scientists believe that you lose more fat when you take CBD than you would do following a traditional calorie in calorie out method, based on the increased metabolic activity!

Final Thoughts

The research into the health benefits of CBD isn’t letting up and scientists are uncovering more reasons to take the compound daily. That being said, there is still a lot of misinformation out there surrounding CBD, which is mainly due to the negative press of the research into THC back in the 70’s.

A lot of the older generation are still negative about cannabis and how people use it based on the psychoactive component of one compound and this has resulted in fear mongering and the spread of misinformation in an attempt to curb its use in a modern day society. Thankfully, more people are becoming aware of how good CBD can be for you, its associated physical health benefits and how research is uncovering how it may be able to help you manage some mental health conditions. It is easy to get lost in the fear mongering posts about CBD, so make sure you have the facts!