Unique Colombian desserts and their ingredients


If you crave something sweet occasionally or have a sweet tooth, you can consider trying some of the unique Colombian desserts at your favorite Colombian bakery. Colombian desserts are both delicious and addictive. If you have tried them before then you must have fallen in love with them and if you are yet to try any of them then you must do that whenever you get a chance. Let’s check out some of the unique Colombian desserts and their ingredients.

1. Cholados Colombianos

This is a unique dessert that you find in Columbia. Typically, it’s a cross between a fruit cocktail, a frozen dessert, and a special drink that comes from the El Valle region in Columbia. This dessert is prepared with Columbian blackberry syrup, passion fruit, condensed milk, fresh fruit, and crushed ice. Moreover, it is topped with a maraschino cherry and shredded coconut. Cholados Colombianos is an amazing summer dessert you can’t afford to miss.

2. Pastel Borracho

Being one of the most popular and unique desserts, the Pastel Borracho refers to the traditional Colombian cake. The name means ?? drunk cake’ because the sponged cake is drenched in rum. Also, it is topped with pitted prunes and crème Anglaise. The rum syrup is made with sugar, water, and dark rum. The crème Anglaise consists of evaporated milk, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla, and whipped cream. The cake is cut in half and covered with syrup, prunes, and crème Anglaise. The other half is placed on top and the whole process is repeated.

3. Natillas Colombianas

When it comes to celebrating Colombian Christmas festivities, it is incomplete without Natillas Colombianas. It is a cinnamon milk custard that is unique and served with bunuelos often. The ingredients required are half a liter of milk, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and a mixture of panel and sugar. Additionally, you need half a cup of starch and a cup of milk. Add butter and raisins to make the recipe taste amazing. Allow the sweet dessert to settle in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours before evening.

4. Enyucado Colombiano

This is another unique Colombian dessert that you can try at your home. The Enyucado Colombiano is a traditional recipe made from grated and boiled sugar, anise, and cassava. Sometimes, cheese or guava jam is added. The boiled cassava gives the sweet dish a rich and special texture. Colombians not only have the Enyucado Colombiano for dessert but they have this sweet dessert for seafood or meat.

5. Obleas

This Colombian pastry looks like a flattened waffle cone. The main ingredients in this dessert consist of eggs, butter, sugar, water, and flour. The plate-sized, super thin, round wafer is spread with layers of raspberry jam or Columbian shredded cheese. As such, the dessert achieves incredible texture. Obleas is a must-try dessert whenever you travel to Mexico, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

6. Cocada

Because coconuts are a staple on the Caribbean coast, you can find coconut on different types of desserts. And, one among them is Cocada. It is made of shredded coconut after boiling it with panela along with the juice of lemon or orange. Also, you can add cloves and cinnamon according to your preference. After the liquid dissipates, the solid formed is turned into small balls. It is then ready to consume. Cocadas are sold at the beaches and are considered the perfect sweet recipe after a dip in the salty sea.

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