Unique ideas for honoring the memories of a loved one

Honoring the memories of a loved one is the least you could do to appreciate life after death (living memories) of that person. Apart from keeping memories alive, it also shows people the person’s worth to you. And there are a thousand and one different ways to honor the memory of someone you cared for who has passed on.

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This article highlights some unique ways to honor a loved one who has passed.

1. Wear a piece of moissanite cremation jewelry as a daily reminder

A thoughtful way of honoring is to have a piece of your loved one close to you at all times in form of a jewelry like rings, bracelets etc. Let it serve as a reminder of the memories and love you shared with them. Let this moissanite cremation jewelry piece fill your heart with comfort and joy, even in the most difficult times.

2. Dedicating a Night To Watch Your Loved One’s Favorite Movie

What movie would your loved one truly appreciate? Once you discover that, you can set up a fun movie night and watch it, and discuss why it is your loved one’s favorite.

3. Throwing a Birthday Party

Celebrating a birthday party in the celebrant’s absence can be particularly tough. Notwithstanding, if you can, it would be an opportunity to celebrate his or her life. You could invite friends and family over, have fun, serve cake, and most importantly, discuss your most cherished memories.

4. Placing a Memorial Bench Near Burial Site

If the cemetery allows, you can add a customized (material, style) memorial bench near your loved one’s burial site with an important message inscribed on it.

5. Plant a Tree or Flowers

You could plant a tree, flowers, rosebush, or even have a vegetable garden. This can be a lovely and fruitful reminder of your loved one.

6. Create a Memorial Space in Your Home

Reserving and dedicating a small portion of your home as a tasteful memorial space in the loving memory of your loved one is an excellent way to honor them.

7. Building Something in Their Honor

One of the ways to keep a loved one’s memories alive is to build something in their honor or create a project (probably something he/she loved). Even if it’s not more than a birdhouse or a rock garden.

8. Visiting Their Favorite Vacation Spots

Where would your loved one go to spend most vacations, mountains, beaches? It will be nice to visit his/her favorite vacation spots.

9. Learning a New Skill

Assuming your loved one enjoyed baking, painting, or playing a musical instrument, you can learn any of such skills and make it your hobby

10. Tattoos as a Reminder

Not everybody is a great fan of tattoos though; however, it would be a great idea to have one in remembrance of your loved one if you don’t mind. You can get their favorite tattoo, their favorite book, or anything creative.

11. Design a Custom Marker for Their Burial Site

You can create and add an engraved marker to your loved one’s burial site to express a particular message about that person. You can contact professionals at Headstone Memorials Hawkesbury for different headstones, memorial monuments, and the like.


The experience of losing a loved one is not an easy one to face. Even if you’ve said your goodbyes, the void created by the departure leaves a sense that you’ve lost something forever. Nevertheless, your loved one’s passing away doesn’t mean they’ll disappear from your life completely. You can do different things to make sure their memory lives on.