Unusual But Highly Effective Ways to Drive More Sales to Your Business


More often than not, businesses are conceived in order to generate profit and revenue. Even social enterprises need a positive gain in order to continue with its’ mission. It goes without saying that the profit and revenue of business primarily depend on its sales. Thereby, to ensure the profitability of your business, here are some unusual, but highly effective ways to drive more sales to your business.

Human Interaction

Consumers are now wiser and more and more people no longer fall for traditional advertising strategies. This is the reason why your marketing strategy must involve human interaction like hiring commission only sales reps in order to be effective in reaching out to your target market. This may entail the need for you to add a particular eye-catching item into a preexisting urban environment, to which people will be encouraged to interact.

For instance, if you have a brick and mortar bookstore that includes the sale of art materials, you can hire someone to add a temporary graffiti on the exteriors of your shop or on the street in the façade of your store using chalk. To encourage human interaction, ask the personnel you hired to inspire other people to do the same by offering chalk pieces in different colors to passersby, letting them draw their own masterpiece. This will initiate a human interaction wherein your potential customers are already experiencing what it is like to use the materials you sell for their works of art.

In the same manner, if your business deals with the sale of gadgets and devices in photography, you can hire someone to act as an undercover agent who will use one of the cameras you sell. This person can randomly ask other people to take a photo of him and right when he is taking the camera back, he will rave about how great the shot is because of the superb capabilities of the camera. This indirect marketing strategy will create the human interaction that is necessary to effectively market your brand and increase your sales.

Finally, you can organize a flash mob to gather the attention of a crowd. This is especially effective regardless of the niche of your business because a flash mob can be tailor-fit with appropriate music and dance moves that will increase the awareness of your target market for your brand. After the show, the dancers can give out flyers, brochures, or business cards containing pertinent information about your business. The experts behind the creative online printing company Print Peppermint emphasizes that apart from the details contained in your marketing prints, the design and layout of the information is of equal importance. This is the reason why it is beneficial to consider design solutions from print design experts to ensure that your efforts in gathering attention to be able to effectively distribute your marketing paraphernalia will not go to waste.

Interaction with the Advertisement

Another rather unusual method of driving sales into your business is by having your potential customers interact with your advertisements. One popular brand of table napkin installed larger than life “messes” across the city such as a melting popsicle and a spilled coffee with a message that simply asks people passing by if they hate mess. A giant melting popsicle or a giant cup of coffee that is tipped will surely get the attention of those passing by the street. The people can either just walk by it or try and use the table napkin to clean the mess. This example is one effective way of catching the attention of your potential market, letting them try out your product, and eventually driving the sales to your business. The important thing is to determine the main issue that your business addresses and identify an unconventional way of broadcasting this to the public, even without words.

Another example is by installing a gigantic ad in a place with heavy foot traffic. For instance, if your business is all about pet products that include dog shampoo that treats fleas, then you may want a 3D picture of a dog strategically located on the floor of a mall where people often pass by. The people passing by will look like fleas on the dog as seen by the onlookers from the top floors. Couple this with a simple message that says something about getting the fleas off your dog. This is a strategic way of positioning your ad that subtly utilizes individuals to be part of it. Thereby, try and figure out ways on how humans may involuntarily interact with the message you are trying to convey in your advertisements and use this to your marketing advantage to eventually drive more sales to your business.

Animated Posters

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, then you already have an idea of what animated posters are. Imagine if the billboard you are looking at suddenly started speaking, singing, or dancing. For sure this will surprise you and catch your attention. Another example is animating a brick wall in a train station wherein an animated mouse, cockroach, or another type of insect may suddenly come out. If your business is about pest control, then this is one form of an effective marketing strategy that will drive more sales to your business in the long run. Thus, it is important to consider where your target market passes by on a daily basis, be it on a bus or train station, or an underpass perhaps. Make the advertisements in this locations suddenly pop out by doing something out of the extraordinary that can surprisingly get the attention of your target market.

To wrap things up, the sales of the business dictates its profits and revenues, which are essential to keep the business running. This is the reason why enterprises and businesses conceptualize the most ingenious marketing strategies in order to drive more sales in their business. Not only will the best marketing strategy increase your sales, but it is also an effective way to generate loyal customers that will ensure the longevity of your business.

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