Unusual But Legit Ways Online Gamers Earn Money

You’d be surprised just how creative online gamers can be when they’re making a living for themselves out of doing what they love. Not a lot of people can think of such an activity as a way to make money, but gamers have found a way to make it possible. Some of the most famous gamers have made it their career to play for money.

So, here are some of the most unorthodox ways for gamers to earn some money.


When you tend to play games for countless hours every day and you’re not shy about showing people what you’re playing, then streaming would be the best choice for you. It would take some time before you can build your fan base and start getting noticed, but you will make some decent money from online game streaming. Whether it’s from people subscribing to your channel or donating to you, you can find yourself making a lot of money from just playing video games. Also, it’s a great way to have some conversations with your viewers too; start a topic and get the dialog going as you play.

Selling In-Game Currency

Most online games have gold as their currency and have various ways to make gold in the games they play. If you’re a fan of the MMO genre and you play RuneScape, then you will know just how important it is to get gold. To save time, some gamers tend to buy the OSRS gold online if they have some cash to spare. They either find a reputable website that has great reviews and is backed up by the players or they directly trade with someone to get the gold, but that person has to be trustworthy and someone you know. You can do the same and sell your gold for some cash on the side too. It is possible and, since you’re an individual, you can start selling it to the people you know and your friends. They will trust you and you can make some real money from your in-game efforts.

Online Videos

Online Videos

Popular websites, like YouTube, might give you a chance to make some money if your videos get a lot of views. Some gamers might not have the luxury of live streaming or they feel shy to do it. So, creating videos and editing them would be the next best thing. You just need to come up with a nice gimmick or stay generic; the choice is up to you. Your style of videos could be walk-throughs, guides, opinions, video reviews, news, or just funny jokes about the online games you play. Anything you can do that is interesting, enjoyable, funny, and useful is sure to attract viewers and monetize your videos for a nice payday.

Game Testing

This would be an amazing job and you’d be playing the latest games before they become available to the public too. Some companies like to have gamers test their newest expansions before they come out. You would test everything and check all the bugs or glitches in the game and notify the developers to get them fixed. The chances of getting this job are a bit slim, but you’d have an advantage if you have a YouTube page or if you stream online. Companies love choosing players who would showcase and broadcast their progress because it gives the game more exposure and hype. So, this is something awesome that you could look into doing and it can be very lucrative.

Writing Reviews

Another way where you could make some money is by writing game reviews about the online games you play. Sometimes you’d have to write one about a new game that just got launched, so you must be very thorough and mention the good parts and the parts you thought weren’t so good. Remember to mention the graphics, the story, voice acting, music, and if you would recommend the game to other players or not. Online games are gaining a lot of popularity, so writing reviews about them can be your ticket to some extra cash on the side.

If gaming is your passion, you can use it to your advantage to have fun and make some money. Some of these ways can be extremely lucrative if done correctly, making you earn more money than your normal 9 to 5 jobs. It’s one of the best feelings ever to make money from doing something that you love. If the gaming industry is your job, then you should consider yourself lucky too. But regardless of whether you’ll make a career shift or not, it’s still amazing how much money you could earn from doing something related to gaming.