Unusual Problems To Avoid In Land Surveying


In real estate, properties often have boundaries and land surveying is the process implemented to determine those boundaries for ownership. The concept behind land surveying is the use of mathematics, physics, and engineering laws to create these boundaries by identifying the terrestrial distances and angles. As such, land surveying can prove to be challenging and avoiding unusual problems can greatly help land surveyors with the process.  There are land surveyors available almost everywhere and can be found by doing a simple search of “land surveyor near me.“

Building set out is a critical procedure that turns architectural plans into reality by marking out the precise location of a property on a tract of land.

Traditional Survey Frameworks

While traditional survey frameworks still work on various levels, surveyors need to bear in mind that they need to adapt with the progresses in modern technology. The absence of technology in the process is one common mistake that needs to be avoided in land surveying. This is because integrating modern technology front such as a GIS, or geographical information system, can greatly help in land surveying. Interested people can take up course from a reputed institute and get Online GIS certificates. However, most surveyors tend to stick to traditional frameworks that consume a significant amount of time. According to the experts behind Ray Carlson & Associates, it is important to leverage on the latest technology, both in the surveyor’s office, as well as on the field. These technological advancements, combined with the expertise of the land surveyors, will yield to a more efficient land surveying process, as well as more accurate results.


As-builts are typically schematic drawings that serve as an initial record of the size, shape and placement of structures in a surveyed property. As-builts are generated prior to the construction phase, and it is included in the land surveying process. However, some contractors fail to recognize the importance of this document and proceed with the construction of a building within a property without an as-built. Others do recognize the need for an as-built, but they opt to delay the as-built process until the building construction is completed. It is important to avoid the mistake of not having an as-built, or delaying this process because the result can be devastating. There might be boundary disputes and code violations which can be circumvented with a proper as-built implementation upon land surveying.

Model Law

An incomplete understanding of the model laws in a certain jurisdiction can lead to several problems in the land surveying process. Insufficient knowledge of model law frameworks is another unusual problem that needs to be avoided in terms of land surveying. Thus, as much as possible, it is important to employ rigorous research regarding the land surveying laws implemented in a certain region or location.

More often than not, various regions have a broad definition of land surveying. While most include the schematic representation of activities happening within or underneath the soil, some go into more details. The latter encompasses map creation, as well as the documentation of post-survey activities. However, they may fail to include underground surveying or the mapping of natural features. There are instances wherein the rules of one location may be in conflict with that of another, causing a confusion and misunderstanding between the professionals working therein. Therefore, the activities that can be done in the land surveying process heavily rely on the model laws implemented in a certain jurisdiction.

Time and Seasonal Changes

It is also best if your land is surveyed from time to time to avoid the inevitable effects of time lapse and seasonal changes. Over a certain period of time, significant changes may have occurred on your property such as changes in riverbeds or streams which were once the physical evidence upholding your legal land description. There may also be vanished markers that were not formally documented over a certain period of time, blurring the property lines. Hence, it is important to update your land survey information, especially in times when you intend to undergo a certain renovation or reconstruction within your property.

In addition to time and seasonal changes, it cannot be denied that there are several challenges in surveying land during certain weather conditions. For instance, the sun can create a deep shadow which can mask the features of the land. Likewise, rain can make land surfaces wet, making it difficult to carry surveying equipment through muddy soil.

Time and Seasonal Changes

Final Word

Land surveying is an essential process in real estate to establish the boundaries of a property for ownership. However, this process can prove to be difficult, especially when land surveyors face unusual problems. These problems often cause inaccurate and unreliable results that entail the need for land surveyors to repeat the entire process. Hence, as much as possible, it is best to exert an extra effort to avoid these problems to ensure that the land surveying results are precise and accurate the first time around.

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