US Virtual Number Brings Financial and Image Benefits

USA phone numbers are sought-after for both temporary and permanent use. The second option is relevant for the businesses, which are focused on foreign partners. A virtual American number eliminates the need to purchase specialized equipment. All you need is to buy US number online at and have a stable Internet connection.

All the following information will be especially helpful both for private users and business representatives, who are living and handling matters outside the United States. As for the business, the whole system provides the company with a lot of advantages and state-of-the-art capabilities.

Service’s Essence

Virtual numbers are not directly connected to a telephone line in a traditional sense. They can be assigned to any device, such as your mobile or desk phone. Virtual numbers are not unique to VOIP phone systems, but they don’t require a copper communication line for successful installation. Such a service gives you tremendous flexibility. The whole system works very simply. Incoming calls or messages (some providers offer faxes) are forwarded to the device of your choice. This can be a telephone number, PC, or softphone located in different parts of the world.

USA Phone Number Popularity

People prefer to have US phone numbers due to the following benefits

  • Georeferencing is of no importance. The owner can be located wherever, while the caller will see an American phone number with the corresponding
  • Cutting costs. The mentioned option will help reduce the cost of long-distance calls.
  • It improves the quality of service and helps to retain customers with a large flow of calls. They can be distributed among employees in real-time mode.
  • The possibility to call from different devices. An incoming call can be accepted on any gadget.
  • Favorable cost of calls. The availability of affordable telephone calls in the United States increases the level of foreign customers’ loyalty, helps to expand the client’s base, and significantly enhances the status of the company.
  • It is worth highlighting a wide range of additional options.
  • There is a possibility of a voice menu connecting for the customers’ convenience so the client can choose which department to contact.
  • You can make free calls within the corporate network.
  • Clients receive stable and uninterrupted communication quality.
  • The number and duration of calls are not limited.
  • The activation process may take a few minutes or 24 hours (sometimes it may take longer).
  • The virtual number will not be busy, so important calls will not be missed.

At the same time, potential and existing partners may not be aware that the owner of the called number is outside the States. This contributes to a trusting relationship between partners establishing and guarantees convenience to businessmen who value mobility of movement.

Key Features

You can purchase the virtual number via Freezvon legal provider, Grasshopper, GoToConnect, and others. The client can choose the most required American state, but California and New York City are the most popular. There are special toll-free units (1-800 numbers) among habitual ones. You can get more information on the official website of the selected company. It also contains the data about the cost of each number, the specifics of cooperation, payment, and use of numbers. The service works safely and securely encrypts the received data. Specialists offer additional services, they are always ready to give answers to the questions, and provide consultation.

You get an amazing opportunity to receive calls to virtual numbers via SIP (there are special apps for better convenience). Moreover, one of the abovementioned providers offers the opportunity to send/get SMS with the help of email, mobile device, or URL. Pay attention that incoming faxes also can be received but only in PDF. Such a solution makes it easy to see all the details in a document and print it without the risk of in-text formatting deformations appearing.

The used number can be mentioned in outdoor and indoor advertising media, in company brochures, and on the company’s products. Get a combination that is quick and easy to remember visually. The VOIP number user can make some changes, add options, and control the subscription due to the personal account.