USA’s Largest Abandoned Subway is in Cincinnati

They say nothing is what it seems – and when it comes to Cincinnati, Ohio, things couldn’t be more accurate. Beneath this American city lies a nearly 100 years old subway tunnel with a length of over 3.5 km – and most inhabitants are unaware of its existence. But how is it possible for such a great project to simply vanish for such a long time?

USA's Largest Abandoned Subway is in Cincinnati

During the late 19th century, the city of Cincinnati was in the top seven most populated towns in USA. With people using both cars and carriages for transportation, even the largest streets and boulevards were overcrowded. In 1911, the Ohio State Lagislature allowed City Council to use a previously built canal – which was an unsuccessful project during the 1870s – and create a 3.5 km long subway.

Unfortunately, just when City Council raised $6 million and locals voted for the project to begin, the country entered World War I and the plans were postponed. Later on, in 1920, the city almost raised enough money to turn the project into reality. However, the work was stopped again because of the big crisis.