USB Device Is Not Recognized in Windows, What to do?


Problems with USB devices not visible on Windows computer is a common problem in the Window user community. This error occurs when you connect your USB device to the USB port on your laptop but get an error prompt. For different situations that may cause this error, the prompt usually give a hint of why this error is occurring.

This article provides some insight into why Windows doesn’t recognize USB, reasons why USB device not recognized in Windows 10, and what to do in this situation. Finally, this article suggests iBoysoft data recovery software you can use to recover your data in applicable situations. You can Check Samsung USB drivers for Windows 7 OS System.

Why Windows Doesnt Recognize USB

When you try to access data through your USB device and get the error prompt, there are different issues that could be the root cause. Some of the top reasons why you are getting this prompt include unstable or corrupted USB stick, update requirement by your PC for issues relating to USB and external drives, and external drive may be entering selective suspension. The computer motherboard needing a driver update can also be an underlying issue.

What to Do about USB Device Not Recognized?

Of course, getting this kind of error can be a hassle especially if you urgently need to get data from your external hard drive. However, here are some steps you can take to resolve the error prompt you are getting:

1. Restart Your Computer

In some uncommon cases, there might be processes or programs that are not functioning properly. Initiating a computer restart might be just what you need to get rid of this functionality error. This sends a reboot signal to all the hardware in direct connection to the motherboard. The USB port is one of the hardware that receives this signal and restarts all its processes. The temporary rebooting of your laptop also helps to solve any initial process issue that might be hindering your Windows laptop not to recognize the USB.

2. Uninstall and Reconnect the USB Flash Drive

This method hopes to correct situations where your current USB drive is corrupted or unstable. On detecting this instability, your Windows device will throw an error to protect itself from becoming unstable. To begin the uninstall process, select ‘Start’ and search for ‘Device Manager’ in the search box. On selecting and accessing the device manager, click on ‘Disk Drives’ from the hardware list.

The next step is to right-click on the USB external hard drive and select uninstall. After the uninstallation is completed, remove your hard drive. Wait for two minutes and plug your hard drive into your computer. Your USB drive should load automatically.

3. Update Windows

This method will update the latest driver for your USB external drive. The error prompt you are getting might be because of the new windows update to your laptop that is not reflecting on the driver of your USB external drive. To begin, navigate to ‘Windows update’ from your ‘Start’ option. Click on ‘Check for update’ and allow the scan for possible updates. On completing the scan, click ‘Review optional updates’. Select the updates you wish to include and select ‘Install updates’. If you get the prompt to reboot your laptop, restart it.

4. Reinstall USB Controllers

In this process, the USB serial controller is the main culprit that needs fixing. This step aims to fix the USB serial controller in the case of corruption or instability of the serial controller driver. Similar to the step of uninstalling the USB external drive, first navigate from ‘Start’ to your ‘Device manager’. Under the option for Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click on all drivers and uninstall each of them. Once these processes are completed, restart your computer. The USB controllers under the Universal Serial Bus controller will automatically install.

5. Motherboard Latest Update

The chipset on your motherboard needs updates from time to time. Not performing these updates might lead to prompt errors from different connection parts to your motherboard. This step aims to update the chipset drivers on your motherboard. This should fix the USB port issue you are currently having.

The first point of action is to determine your computer’s motherboard manufacturer. You can get this information from your computer’s documentation. Proceed to your computer manufacturer’s support website to get the appropriate driver update. On getting the appropriate driver update for your motherboard, download and install the driver update recommendation. If you have any issue with the update, you will have to get in touch with a support person from your laptop manufacturer.

6. iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

In the case where your external hard drive is still not working due to some corruption of the file, your option is to perform data recovery on the device. This is possible through iBoysoft Data Recovery. This software offers fast and successful data recovery solutions for your Windows laptop and external hard drive, such as USB flash drive data recovery, RAW partition data recovery, Recycle Bin data recovery, corrupted drive data recovery, and SD card data recovery. In a word, iBoysoft Data Recovery is useful for hundreds of data loss scenarios, so you can use it to conduct data recovery when necessary.

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