Use Travel Planning Apps for easy Vacation Planning


Do you know that your travel planning doesn’t have to be tedious and stressful anymore? Yes. You can say goodbye to all the hectic planning that comes with going on trips because a travel planner app has been created to help you with a smooth planning process.

Travel Mapper is a travel planner app that’s great for both first-time travelers and those who live on the road, moving from adventure to adventure. It has so many features that you’ll find useful. Let’s begin by discovering the features of the application, including online and offline maps, itineraries, offline share features, as well as organizers and color coded pins.

Features of Travel Mapper

Travel Mapper is an add-on travel planner for Google Sheets. A Google map is its canopy feature, and it exists within a spreadsheet; helping you to add items to your itinerary easily.

The Google Map feature allows you to view your itinerary and locations on the map and also edit them on the drag-and-drop interface that resembles Trello.

With all your activities linked to Google Maps, you can navigate the spreadsheet easily on your phone, and you can also export the entire itinerary to Google My Maps or export it to your email.

With this planner, you can create countless templates, leverage the integrated map, edit using the drag-and-drop feature, and also create email summaries containing all important details that you can share with others, as well as Google My Map exports.

Even if you can’t afford the premium version, you can do more than enough with the free version at no cost at all.

Advantages of Using Travel Mapper

Connected to the features of Travel Mapper are several benefits, including:

Save time with automated and customized planning You can categorize items and schedules on your itinerary by using color codes and pins. You can also filter activities automatically using location, date, or type of activity.

Move things around easily without having to copy and paste things in the column or move them around manually.

Have your itinerary handy on the go

After preparing your itinerary, you can have it all handy during your trip by emailing it to your phone for easy access. Your friends and travel partners can also get copies so you’re all on the same page.

Tracking: Monitor your budget and to-do lists 

You can monitor your budget side-by-side with the costs you incur during your trip using the same planner and even split the costs with your travel partners.

You can also create checklists for everything, including the items you need to travel with, important documents, shopping lists and the like, so you don’t miss a thing!

Give Travel Mapper a try and get 10% off with code 1FVR10 if you decide to go premium!


Say yes to fun, stress-free, exciting travels from now on; thanks to travel planning applications. Leverage technology today and enjoy every step of your trip, from planning to execution, and even post-trip assessments.

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