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The use of cryptocurrency in online sports betting is on the rise, more and more bookmakers are accepting Bitcoin, ether, Litecoin among other digital currencies. As a betting enthusiast who would like to move with time, learning new trends in the industry especially on payment methods and promotions such as Zulabet bónusz. In this article, we explore the use of cryptocurrencies in online sports betting, some of the bookmakers who have adopted the digital currencies, and some of the benefits that sportsbook and bettors enjoy.

Among the things that will change the betting payment sphere, cryptocurrencies top the list. It is a technological advancement that has made payments in the betting industry and indeed everywhere safer and easier. Build on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are offering users an unrivaled experience where they can make payments easily, quickly, and unanimously. In the countries where the hawkish eyes of taxation and regulatory agencies want to know everything that you engage in so that they can siphon the coins, cryptocurrency privacy, and untraceability elements allow users to conceal their footprints.

Betting sites accepting cryptocurrency

Betting sites accepting cryptocurrency

To enjoy the benefits presented by cryptocurrencies, the first thing you need is to identify bookmakers who have adopted cryptocurrencies as payment methods. It is important to note that to use cryptocurrencies, you need to know how they operate. You will need to find a site where you can exchange your dollars or any other currency into cryptocurrency. Before doing that, you need to identify cryptocurrencies that are accepted on a site. Some of the sites where you can use cryptocurrencies include:

  • 22BET
  • Parimatch
  • Melbet
  • Rabona
  • Librabet , among others

Once, here you will learn the cryptocurrency that is accepted on a site and buy them. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, there are others such as etherium, Litecoin among others, and they range in their thousands. This means that as a bettor you are spoilt for a choice, the only thing that may limit you is acceptance of a coin in a given platform.

To deposit cryptocurrency in a given platform and use it for your betting purposes, you need to have a wallet. This is a place where you will be storing cryptocurrency. Open an account with a reputable trader and keep your cryptocurrency safely. It is from this wallet that you will be sending cryptocurrencies to a bookmaker of choice. Transferring cryptocurrency to your bookmaker is easy, you will be given instructions on how to do it. It is similar to sending money using platforms such as PayPal. It is also a safe and easier method of payment where the user’s identity is safeguarded. It is important to keep your login details safe as this is the first layer of protection.

Although we have said that cryptocurrency transactions are safe, this safety is only guaranteed if passwords are kept safe, and cannot be accessed by third parties. The system is tamperproof, allowing only those who have access to some details such as passwords. Several layers of security have been built including two-way authentications, such means go a long way in ensuring that your funds are safe.

It is important to note that bookmakers that are accepting cryptocurrency are not different from what we have used in the past. Cryptocurrency is a payment option where you use digital money. An equivalent is hard currency such as dollars. So, for those who would want to start using cryptocurrencies in their betting endeavors, know that you are not getting into entirely new territory, what you are doing is that you are venturing into a digital currency where instead of using dollars to make payment, you are using a different currency.

So what are the advantages of using cryptocurrency in sports betting?

Using cryptocurrency in online sports betting comes with some benefits to both the bettor and bookmaker. As a decentralized system, digital currency provides the user with unparalleled transparency. There is no central authority that is controlling the currency; it is shared by all who own it, something that ensures there is absolute accountability on all counts.

Cryptocurrencies can be accessed at any time, unlike other currencies where you have to rely on a bank. These financial institutions operate in certain hours, meaning that you have to wait until they open for you to transact. With cryptocurrency, you can access it any time of the day or night, basically whenever you need it. It is such a convenient currency.

If you are the type that frowns on sharing data on the internet, payment using your cryptocurrency accords you with this privilege of privacy. Cryptocurrencies offer the users complete anonymity allowing you to make payment without revealing your identity. This works pretty well for bettors who are in places where betting is restricted, authorities may be keeping tabs on those who may be breaking the laws. Allowing the use of cryptocurrencies, bookmakers give bettors who may have visited places where there are restrictions a chance to continue engaging in online sports betting.

The same chance is offered to those who live in countries where online sports betting are partially restricted, using cryptocurrency eliminates chances of authorities catching up with you. While sports betting may be restricted in some locations, international betting accords players a chance to use the gaps in the law and place bids for their favorite teams.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are built on top of blockchain technology means it enjoys all the features that come with the decentralized system. Talk of security, immutability, and transparency. Using cryptocurrency in sports betting gives both the bookmakers and betting enthusiasts a chance to leverage their experience.


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Benefits presented by cryptocurrencies

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