Utilizing Great Review Sites for Your Shopping

One of the best ways to be able to find good sites and services is through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family who have already tried them. But what if your friends and family do not know any of the websites and services you’re looking for? Well, the next best thing would be researching and finding some review and rating sites.

Today, a lot of people rely on online reviews, from choosing the best hotels and restaurants in town to even consulting the right doctors. However, finding good review sites is another challenge in the online world. Some might even ask if online reviews are reliable. It’s because a simple Google search will give you dozens of services that can be hired to create fake reviews on any site or social network you want.

So how would you determine which online reviews are most reliable? Well, if you’re struggling in finding good and trustworthy review sites, then here are some of the best tips we can give you.

Know Some Information About the Reviewer

It’s important to know a little bit about the reviewer before you trust their reviews about a certain product, service, or website. You can search the reviewer on Google or look them up on social media. You can also check out other reviews they did because that will help you decide on how much trust you can put on their opinions. Also, be wary of “one-time” or “first-time” reviewers. Read their posts on different products, businesses, and services other than the one you’re looking into buying or trying out.

Read Other Reviews from Several Sites

It also helps if you can compare reviews about a certain product, website, or service from different review sites. Based on a study, consumers usually make a decision after reading about seven reviews online. Therefore, try to read and compare as much reviews as possible, for you to determine if there’s a trend.

Be Cautious About the Wording Used on Reviews

There are some reviewers that uses the same wording on comments for a lot of products and services. This can be an indication that they are being paid to make reviews for those products and services. There are also some reviewers that uses specific wording that helps consumers who are looking for a certain product and those reviewers might be a paid blogger for the company.

Don’t Go for Extreme Reviews

Some reviewers are going to love a certain product or service and there are some who are going to hate it. However, if the reviewer is going completely over the top in making positive or negative comments, maybe it’s best that you really check out the reviewer first. It’s because they may have some incentive for creating those reviews, or those may be fake ones.

What Makes hot5.com a Good Review Site?

Hot5.com is an unbiased review site which can provide you comparisons on a wide range of consumer security, services, software, and entertainment from anti-virus programs to job post websites. It features comparisons as well as prices on different brands and services for you to determine which will meet your needs and requirements.

This site aims that you find your ideal service or goods as easy as possible. It is run by a team of experts who evaluates

Each brand they feature strategically and they make sure that they meet five important factors which are:

  • The reputation of the brand or service: The site will let you know if a certain brand had any issues in the past, if it’s still active, what feedbacks they receive from customers, and if they have received any awards.
  • The price of the brand or service: You can also find out in hot5.com if the brand you’re eyeing is affordable or if they offer special deals and savings as well as plans and packages.
  • The features and highlights of the brand or service: This website will also inform you about the features you can enjoy and use from different brands and services. For example, on anti-virus brands, this site will let you know if a certain brand offers parental control for families
  • How easy or difficult a certain product or service is to use: It also informs viewers if a certain product or service is user-friendly or not. It also talks about compatibility on software like if it can only be for iOS or for Android devices as well.
  • Customer service and security: This site will also inform you about how helpful the customer support team of a certain product and service is. Aside from that, it will also provide information about how safe a certain website it. If it offers some tips and if your identity will be verified.

Review and rating sites can definitely help us a lot in making decisions about using a certain brand or service. We just have to always be careful and make sure that the reviews we are reading and following are trustworthy. We hope the tips we shared will help you in finding good review sites.