Vera&John – How Good Is It To Play On?

The Vera & John casino is truly a flagship online casino, which cannot be said for the large majority of casinos that are online today. Vera&John has one of the largest customer bases in the world, and the reviews of gamblers at this casino reflect exactly why this is the case.

The design of the Vera&John website is very individual indeed. Whilst the site plan is easy to navigate around and very clean, it’s also very interesting and great to use. Currently, the online casino has available for its gamblers to play almost 1300 different slots, all of varying sizes and themes. The majority of the slots available on Vera&John are made by large-scale, well-known developers including NetEnt and Microgaming. Companies such as these make not only great games that are robust but games that are fair too. They are not designed to place either player at any significant or unfair advantage.

Vera&John also has a live casino that all gamblers have access to on signup. For a casino that you can access anywhere, both on desktop and mobile and at your own convenience, there is an immense amount of gaming opportunities available.

The welcome bonuses that are on offer by Vera&John are in the form of matched deposits in-game. A matched deposit is when a player deposits their own funds into a game, and the casino, Vera&John in this case, then match this deposit and add their own funds into the game for the player to use as well. Deal and bonuses such as these often come with terms and conditions, however. For example, the matched bonus must be re-bet by the player a certain number of times until it can be withdrawn in cash. The matched bonus that is offered by Vera&John is valid for any value that’s input by the gambler that is 300 euros or below.

Vera&John is a licensed casino, with licenses in both the United Kingdom and Malta. There are many advantages to offer, such as fast withdrawals, low reversal times, and weekend withdrawals as well. A lot of casinos do not offer weekend withdrawals in the same timeframe that they offer midweek withdrawals. Vera&John is very well-reviewed indeed by all of it’s users, with not one negative review being found across various casino review websites. There are also tournaments that are available that users can play against their fellow gamblers in – a slightly different and a fun way to gamble and stay entertained.

There are however a few downsides, as with anything, to the Vera&John online casino. Whilst the customer service offered by Vera&John is positively reviewed and there are a number of different options available for users to contact, it is only available between 9 am and 12 am, which is not ideal if you are looking to gamble in the later hours. There is also a withdrawal limit in place of 5000 euros per week. As can probably be guessed, this is not a problem for the vast majority of users. Vera&John is an extremely reliable casino in terms of client safety and security – the casino has always held these values of utmost importance. 

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