Video Game Genres You Might be Surprised to See on Mobile


You might find it easy to dismiss mobile gaming as simply being something that’s an inferior version of what consoles have to offer. However, it carries much more of its own unique identity than that, doing its own thing, and offering an experience that consoles don’t. Therefore, if you’re just now coming into this new realm of experience, there might be some video game genres available to you through mobile gaming that you’re surprised to see. Subsequently, that could mean that properly informing yourself of them could be all it takes to finally pique your interest in the gaming device you likely already own.

Multiplayer Shooters

Since the early 2010s and the boom of the Call of Duty franchise, multiplayer shooters have been a staple of the gaming industry, with the most popular title within that genre consistently shifting to accommodate the trends of the time. While the aforementioned Call of Duty was once the most popular, along with other military shooters such as Battlefield, that trend gave way to Overwatch, and eventually Fortnite – games that are more light-hearted and cartoon-based in aesthetic. Being the big popular genre that it is, you might be surprised to learn that games of this genre are available on mobile. While the control schemes might seem a little bit different to you, if you’re used to playing them on larger devices, being able to play with your friends cross-platform, can make playing Fortnite on your phone a genuine option for you.

Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, you might be less surprised that they’re available on smartphones and more surprised that they’re considered to be a genre of video games at all. However, the digitization of casinos has perhaps made them closer in spirit to what would conventionally come under that umbrella than what they once were. If you’re someone who has had an interest in this genre in the past, this might be a direction that interests you. Slot games, for example, are fast and reaction-based games that can completely engage you, which might be the kind of streamlined experience you look for in a game. If this is the case, tracking down the best real money online slot machine australia could quickly lead you to your new favorites.

Role Playing Games (RPGs)

When you think of conventional RPGs, you might think of those big budget, hundred-hour experiences that are right at home on a console, which can also mean that you’re surprised to see the option pop up on your smartphone. Many of these options might come in the form of ports of older games that are now playable through mobile hardware due to the catch-up in technology. However, there are also a myriad of role-playing games that are entirely exclusive to mobile platforms, which means that if you’re a natural fan of the genre, you might be interested in diving into how these titles stack up against the ones that you already know and love.


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