Video Production on a budget during a pandemic


Successfully running your video production company during a pandemic is no easy task. With looming lockdowns that have resulted in the loss of physical contact with clients, you may not be making as much money as you did in the beginning. 

Therefore, you cannot go “all-out” on your videos and will have to produce them on a budget. Needless to say, the way you conduct your day to day business changes significantly during a pandemic. 

While your job isn’t impossible, it begs creativity during this period. So, how do you do it? Here’s how to indulge in video production on a budget during a pandemic:

Preparing for Your Video Shoot

It is important to have a conversation with your team to ensure that they understand and practice all safety basics while out in the field. 

Additionally, you can provide a non-contact thermometer that will help in measuring temperature. The provision of personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves will amp up your protection in the shoot location

 Tips For producing Videos During a Pandemic

Here are a few things to keep in mind when producing video content during a pandemic:

  • Quality first

No matter the constraints, you should always take time to appreciate the value of video production. Delivering well-produced pieces allows you to maintain your brand without compromising your business. 

A quiet and well-lit area should do the trick. But remember to change your background from time to time as this will be more appealing to your audience.

  • Stay relevant

As you produce your videos, do not ignore the seriousness of the pandemic. Ideally, you can find the right opportunity in your videos to provide hope and always beware of what is happening to the community. This way, your videos will be more relatable.

  • Be enthusiastic

No one wants to watch a sad video. Make a video with the right productive elements and ensure that it connects to your audience. Ensure that every video frame communicates positively.

  • Go virtual

There is nothing better than producing a video online during a pandemic. This will ensure that you are protected while you are working. By providing virtual and live-streamed videos, you will be protecting yourself while still running your business.

  • Stick to the budget

Perfectly-executed videos require enough resources. And it may be tempting to go over your budget to stand out during a pandemic. Do not do this. Always stick to the budget as there is a lot of unknown in a disastrous period.

You will need to spend your money wisely. No matter how much you allocate for a video, ensure that you produce the most outstanding video that you can on your budget.

Moving Forward

A pandemic can come and go, or it can stay with us. Either way, protecting yourself and those around you is paramount. You may need a bit of creativity in order to pivot your video shoots and make them a success.

If you are wondering how to execute your next video then hiring a video production company will ensure that all your video production needs are well-catered to.  Needless to say, finding the best way to move forward will help you stay afloat.

 Here’s to better video experiences, cheers!

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