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How to Shop for Eyeglasses

Have you found lockdowns to be a damper on your ability to shop this year? It’s not just you, this has created a movement across industries. The fashion industry specifically, has been propelled into the realm of virtual rooms, virtual shopping, and even virtual clothing. Confinement has forced retailers to be more available and shoppable from home, already a norm in eyewear. Eyewear brands have been leaders in the fashion sector for online accessibility, sending direct to your door test kits for you to shop. However, this isn’t the fastest or most affordable way to shop.

Digital Try-On Tools

Eyewear brands like SmartBuyGlasses have ramped up their digital portfolio of tools to use for their customers. Offering easy-to-use guides, like their face shape guide – this tool allows customers to filter and shop by frame shapes that accentuate what they naturally have. They also invested in their virtual try-on tool. Most virtual try-ons use basic augmented reality, rather they are powered by Ditto. Ditto specializes in depicting the true fit and vivid realism of frames when you virtually give them a go. The system utilizes a 5-second selfie video you record yourself, then gives you an ear-to-ear, 180-degree view of how the frames are going to look. This is a fun and breakthrough way of shopping for eyewear online. This way you are not wasting your time using glitchy and frankly inaccurate AR technology, which often feels more like a gimmick than a shopping tool.

Get the Best Selection Online

The fun side of eyewear is knowing you have a wide selection of brands and styles, then filtering by your exact needs and wants. Have you figured out what style frames look best on you? Filter by popular shapes, like a square, round, oval, cat-eye, butterfly, geometric, and much more! Plus, shopping by your favorite color or mood just got easier. Narrow down your search to exactly what you want and don’t compromise on price or quality. SmartBuyGlasses offers the ultimate assortment of brands of styles and the best cheap glasses online.

Digital Prescription Tools

Assortments and variety aside you need to make sure you are getting the right prescription for your needs. Shopping online instead of inside a shop where you will have on-staff opticians can be daunting. There are impressive tools to help you along with your online shopping experience. Namely pupillary distance measuring tools and prescription lens scanners. These are easy-to-use features found on most optical sites today.

Oftentimes your optician will not note your pupillary distance on your prescription. This is an essential measurement, PD, or Pupillary Distance, is the distance (in millimeters) between your pupils. This measurement is important for your glasses providers, as it is used to fit your glasses to your eyes. The distance between the optical centers of your lenses should be the same as the distance between your pupils. Your PD indicates where the focal center of your lens will be. But, there are fantastically accurate ways to measure this crucial distance from home.

Similarly, a tool at home that might be of use is the prescription lens scanner. With a few simple steps, you can find the prescription of your lenses without a written prescription. Say, you have your old pair that need replacing, and your eye doctor gave you the same power for your new frames. You can easily use this tool to get your prescription.


In the end, shopping for glasses in person is a thing of the past. Evidenced by the events of the past year and the advancement of easy-to-use technology that you can use from home. Fear not, as you can gain a whole lot in value and in style.



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