Virtual Game Night Ideas

In-person game nights are always entertaining, but they can be tricky to organize and aren’t the most convenient if your friends and family do not live nearby.

Thankfully modern tech makes it a breeze to host virtual game nights, and there are a whole heap of different activities to enjoy in this context. If you are looking for some fresh ideas for your own virtual game nights, here are just a few options that might take your fancy.

Experience the variety offered by JackBox

The first name in remote quizzing, JackBox is a developer that has proven itself time and again with a whole host of amazing experiences. All you need is a TV, a smartphone each and one person who owns a copy of the game in question, and you can play whether you are in the same room or on the other side of the planet.

The latest ‘party pack’ from JackBox has received positive reviews and features updated classics like Drawful as new arrivals like Job Job, so there is always something different to try. Each game is aimed at adult players, but there are kid-friendly modes that can be turned on if you wish.

Play casino games together

The meteoric rise of online casinos has given fans of land-based gambling venues a place to explore their hobby from home. And of course you can also get together with friends and have a classy virtual casino night thanks to the top sites and services around.

For those with a bit of experience under their belt, setting up poker games to play together can be a blast. If you want a less complex experience, then playing blackjack online is better, since there is less decision-making involved. And with a few useful tricks and tips for blackjack under your belt, you will be able to avoid beginner’s mistakes.

Another good idea is to fully embrace the casino theme and get attendees to dress up in formal wear, perhaps serving cocktails at home to go along with the games so that it feels a little more authentic.

Have fun with Heads Up!

Simplicity is often the most important ingredient of a game night, and this is definitely appealing when playing virtually because there are already quite a few technical barriers to overcome.

One game which has very basic rules and can create lots of hilarity is Heads Up! It is available for iOS and Android, and all you need to do is have one player hold up their phone, while the others try to describe the word that appears on the screen. This is usually the name of a celebrity within a specific category, although it can be a food, an animal, a movie or anything else. Furthermore, it works just as well over Zoom or Skype as it does in the flesh.

Make it a costume party

This is more of a general rule for running virtual game nights, but it is a good idea to add a sense of specialness to proceedings by encouraging attendees to wear something other than their everyday clothes.

We already touched on how hosting a virtual casino event while sporting evening wear can make a big difference to the atmosphere, and the same goes for other types of get-togethers. From costume parties that are inspired by the season, to themed dress-up sessions that are based on your favorite films, there are all sorts of ways to go about it.

Don’t forget about board games

You might think that board games are only playable if you are in the room with the other people involved, but this is simply not true!

Whether you play chess against a pal in a one-on-one match, both moving the pieces on your own boards to reflect the instructions of the other, or you use specialist services like Boardgame Arena, Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia, there are lots of ways to access mainstream titles remotely.

Final thoughts

Hopefully you have some inspiration to come up with your own virtual game night experience, but it is also sensible to ask the people who are invited about what they might like to play. This can guide your decisions and make the event more inclusive, because not everyone enjoys the same games.

Also aim to prepare well in advance, and send out joining instructions ahead of time so there is minimal fuss at the start of the night and all attendees know what to expect before they join the call.