Virtual Gaming Technology: It’s More Realistic than You’d Expect

Our lives may have become more intertwined with the virtual realms of the Internet, but that doesn’t mean reality is escaping us. In fact, thanks to advances in modern technology, the virtual world is now more realistic than ever.

One of the main industries where this “realification” of the Internet is most apparent is the gaming world. From traditional console games to high stakes casino options, entertainment options have been given a new lease of life in the last few years thanks to software that offers engagement, entertainment and, of course, reality.

The Video Link

Reality first started to enter the gaming world courtesy of embedded video clips. For example, movie games, or VCR games, such as Dragon’s Lair (first commercial movie game released 1983) and Ground Zero: Texas blended the gaming and video sequences to create an interactive experience.

This hybrid dynamic was later picked up by online casino companies such as Playtech and Microgaming as a way to enhance their slot games. In fact, such was the popularity of this strategy that many of the top online and mobile slots still boast impressive video sequences. To understand this better, you should first research on What is Virtual Production.

The Aliens video slot, which can be played at Smart Live Casino, is just one shining example of how video clips can enhance the overall appeal of a game. For example, when you compare Smart Live’s “Classic” mobile slots like Agent Jane Blonde and Carnaval to video mobile slots such as Alien, you’ll see a marked difference in their presentation.

Those listed as “video” will typically have some sort of embedded clips and, as you’d expect, Alien features vignettes from the movie franchise. As you spin the five reels, this NetEnt game adds in a selection of movie clips and sound effects to spice up the game and make you feel as though you’re in the middle of the action.

Going Live is the New Deal

Cards Deck

The next step up from embedded video clips is human interaction. The online casino is once again leading the way with these innovations thanks to the likes of Evolution Gaming. By combining webcams and RFID chips with their own software, Evolution Gaming have been able to link real casino dealers with online players. This fusion of technology has created a dynamic where online gamers can interact with real people.

Unlike traditional online casino games where players compete against a random number generator (i.e. a piece of software that uses algorithms to generate random results), live dealer casino games recreate the same conditions a player would find in a real casino.

The Virtual Reality Revolution

As impressive as live dealer technology is, the next rung on the realism ladder is virtual reality (VR). Thanks to Oculus Rift and its recent owner, Facebook, the world is now ready to climb aboard the VR bandwagon. Although Oculus Rift and its VR peers, such as Samsung Gear and PlayStation VR, are still in their early stages, gamers are already crowing about their benefits.

Games such as Chronos Gunfire Games and Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments not only create realistic settings, but put you in the middle of them. While live dealer technology has done a great job of turning virtual worlds into real experiences, VR games are set to add another layer of authenticity. Wearing a VR headset literally puts you in the heart of the action and that means you feel as though you’re actually a part of the virtual world around you.

In fact, when you add motion sensors like Leap 3D as well as biofeedback technology (which actually monitors your heart rate and vital signs to adjust a game’s difficulty) you get an experience that’s almost indistinguishable from real life. As you can see, gaming technology has evolved massively over the last few years and that’s why games are now more realistic than you’d expect. From video clips to virtual reality, the game has literally changed in the last decade and that means you can now have a more immersive experience than ever before.

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