Virtual reality casino games have arrived

Virtual Reality has been around for a couple of years, although it has dominated the gaming industry
mostly. There are also tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, who have a growing interest
in VR. They have even gone the extra mile to produce some products. The gambling industry has not
been left behind.

Online casinos have been the game changer for the gambling industry. However, virtual technology is
changing how things are done in an immersive manner. With new online bingo sites, you can play more
games of your choice. VR casinos offer a unique and real experience that neither social or online gaming
can ever provide. This includes luxurious casinos with everything that you need even drinks on the

The Evolution of VR

Virtual Reality first made its way to the world around twenty years ago. This led to the rise of virtual
games that have been around for quite some time. However, it is 2019, and the reality of virtual
gambling is upon us. This technology has had an impact on iGaming and iGambling. It is estimated that
by the year 2021 the VR gaming industry will be worth $520 billion.
If you haven’t tried out VR gaming yet, you sure are missing out.

The Concept of Virtual Reality Explained

VR is going to have an impact on the world of online casinos. There are two types of online casinos;
entertainment casinos which gamblers play games such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The
other type of online casino is the real casino where players play with real cash to win some real money.
VR casinos are bound to change both these types of casinos. When you wear the VR headset, you get to
have an interactive and life-like casino experience.
Moreover, you get to play other gamblers realtime. Also, you are given a chance even to light up a cigar.

Here is a look at the features of VR Casinos

1. Casino rooms that are in 3D in which you can roam.
2. 3D game tables.
3. Real life slot machines.
4. Paralinguistic features
5. Reality like casino sounds.
6. Chatting with other gamers.

The first ever VR casino machine is by SlotsMillion. It has more than two thousand exciting games. You
can get it on Windows, Oculus Rift, and iOS. Besides, you don't have to worry about expensive 3D
gadgets to use the VR casinos. There are a variety of VR games such as Tower Quest, Gorilla Go Wild,
and Dracula.
The Future of VR Casinos.
There are a lot of casinos which are investing in VR . However, the current trend is to simulate brick and
mortar casinos into the reality of VR. But, in the future, there is a need to invent new VR innovations to
satisfy gamblers thirst for new experiences. As long as there are new advancements in VR gear, then the
future for VR Casinos is bright.

Have you tried out one of the VR casinos yes? What do you think about it?