Virtual sport: The Madden NFL 21 Club Championship


The traditional sports take on the virtual level: In the Madden NFL 21 Club Championship, the football champion has been played on the console since 2017. Football simulator players have the chance to take part in online tournaments to secure a place in the championship and represent their favorite team on the console. EA Sports, developer of the video game Madden NFL, is cooperating with the NFL and the American sports broadcaster ESPN to bring the virtual sports event to the stage. With the Madden NFL Club Championship, American football is represented in eSports, but football and basketball are still much more prominent in eSports, while FIFA, PES and NBA2K dominate the sports simulators in professional tournaments on the console.

The international championship in American football on the console

The Madden NFL 21 Club Championship starts with all 32 NFL teams in the next round to crown the best player on the virtual turf. Players have the opportunity to practice their skills in the football simulator Prove Madden NFL 21 online. Only the best make it into the top ranks to qualify for the Club Championship and represent their favorite team on the console. For each of the 32 teams, a single top player competes at the end. Head-to-head for a share of the $ 750,000 prize pool. On February 4th and 5th, 2021, the virtual Super Bowl will be about the title of the Club Championship. With the virtual championship, the dream of many players to step onto the virtual lawn on behalf of their team and compete on a global level has been fulfilled. The games are even broadcast live like real football matches, some also on the American sports channel ESPN.

The international championship in American football on the console

eSports are also played in football and basketball

American football is represented in eSports with the Madden NFL Club Championship along with the fantasy football sleepers and other best players. Nevertheless, the American national sport is still meager in eSports, because in comparison, soccer dominates the virtual scene and basketball is already widespread here. The soccer simulator FIFA is the top dog among virtual sports, which is played in numerous leagues around the world. In the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship, the champions will be played on the console, with 26 Bundesliga clubs sending their own squads into the race this season. Another sport that is popular in America can also be seen internationally on the eSports stage: With the basketball simulator NBA2K, it is also possible on the console, throwing the ball into the basket. In the USA, 23 of the 32 NBA teams are already represented with their own squads in the NB2K League, the professional league at the console.

Sports digital

All in all, there is a clear trend: Sports are moving to the digital level. eSports and games in general have been gaining recognition for some time and are finding more and more fans, players and viewers worldwide. Popular sports can also be experienced virtually in various other game genres, so that everyone can enjoy digital sports. In addition to FIFA, Football Manager, who turns players into club managers, is also very popular. The ball also rolls on mobile devices, for example in the entertaining Stickman Soccer, which is available free of charge in the Google online app store, while the stick figures in Stickman Basketball throw the basketball. You can even find the sports in the gambling industry. So in the Casino Online Switzerland offers the Football Star Slot among the diverse selection of the many colorful slot machines, which makes football tangible in a new way over the reels. With the Basketball Star Slot, the sport that is particularly popular in America comes to life here. This clearly shows how the virtual sport is gaining in importance.

The Madden NFL Club Championship kicks off next season to find the best console football player on behalf of an NFL team. Who will manage to qualify and take home the virtual American football title in the end?


To be able to grow in any field it is important to adapt to changes and technology is one of them, it is everywhere and it is of great help, which is why virtual reality has now been implemented in the NFL. Consistency and discipline are the foundation for any athlete, but now they can receive extra support with technology, which helps them train in an environment similar to that of an official match. The NFL is the league that relies the most on change and to improve the game it was responsible for integrating virtual reality into the training sessions of various teams.


Those who benefited the most from this change were the quarterbacks. It all started with a software called STRIVR, which created the Virtual Human Interaction Laboratory at Stanford University as the product of a thesis called “Innovation of the Year” in 2016 by Sports Illustrated magazine. This technology was unveiled that same year with QB Carson Palmer who showed off his preparation complemented with virtual reality.


The benefits were reflected when he was ranked as one of the top ten quarterbacks of 2016. “With this technology they can do the replays without the mechanics or the pitch itself, they can go straight to reading the play and making decisions,” Palmer said regarding the implementation of the technology.

The platform allows us to generate experiences and results in real life, therefore it helps the development of learning, sports and content production. Some of the functions are to hear everything about the game, from the coach’s calls to the defensive and offensive signals, as well as to see the footwork just by looking down and the formations behind them.

The HC can also see what’s happening on a screen to make sure the right job is done. The only thing to wear is a helmet-lens with a cable on the back and two hand devices that connect the movements with a screen. Six NFL teams already use virtual reality during practice, Cowboys, Saints, Vikings, Jets, Cardinals and 49ers.

NFL teams

It is an excellent way to repeat all the necessary plays without getting tired or suffering an injury from the constant effort on the field. The creator is Derek Belch, a former football player, who managed to combine training with technology to improve performance without generating so much physical wear and tear. Players already have the talent, but now the NFL added the technology to help them become the best and grow day by day.

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