Virtual Team Building 101: Easy DIY Kits For All Teams

The times are changing but some experiences will always remain the same. Well, with an upgrade. Sitting around a campfire and telling each other stories to build rapport is a deeply insightful experience. A virtual room is something similar. It is a way for teams to connect through collaboration activities and boost union despite challenges. Building trust in professional relationships takes time and happens slowly, which is why you’re going to have to be as creative as possible.

The Digital Build-It Kit

This team-building kit consists of virtual blocks, puzzles, prosthetics (arms, legs, etc) or machine parts. It’s easy as it sounds. Individuals are divided into two teams and with an agreed-upon time limit, the teams race to build a virtual house or a car together. Make sure everyone is on the same page, and the Internet is running without disruption. While one person reads out the instructions, the rest of the team follows. The true test of being a team. Who’s in?

Storytime For Adults

What’s a better way for you to get to know someone than hearing from them? Every week can have some specific nominations of individuals narrating anecdotes. Spinning a digital story wheel could help to figure out what kind of stories can be told. Some suggestions: Embarrassing stories as a kid, Your first impression of a coworker and romantic dates went wrong. The more informative and personal, the more you can get to know each other!

A Digital Talent Show

Explore the hidden talents of your coworkers with this super easy and achievable talent showcase. The best part? Everyone gets a prize. You can buy Visa gift cards in bulk to reward the winners or create creative prizes catering to each individual’s unique talent. Have different rounds and eliminations to test how contestants perform under pressure. Get ready to see some passion rolling!

Passion Projects Reveal

It’s time to talk business. A digital roundtable where everyone reveals the secrets of their passion projects. Whether it is farming or that big client they want to manage, this is a chance to discuss all future endeavors with your coworkers. Who knows, someone might even receive some help or guidance to pursue their passion project!

The Virtual Triathlon Kit

Developing a sense of individual and collective purpose amongst teams is much like a relay race. Every one passes on the baton to each other and in the end, the more efficient team wins. This digital kit is supposed to include any 3 virtual games, the winning team being the one that wins at least 2. To make things interesting, check out a variety of games like carrom, cricket, football, or quizzes to form an effective triathlon series to test your cognitive ability, patience, endurance, and speed. Let the Virtual Olympics begin!

Virtual Movie And Popcorn Nights

Movies are all about a collectively enriching experience. A good movie or bad, you’re almost always going to have a good time. There are no losers here. Use synchronized streaming to watch movies with your team, even if you are miles apart. Start with suggestions of movie titles and take a vote. The suggestions could also follow a theme like romantic comedies, horror, adventure, thrillers, etc. A good movie is not complete without bingeing or discussions, so plan, prepare, and enjoy! 

In case you are running out of ideas, you can have a professional to fully organize and manage team building activities for you.

Virtual team building experience

Virtual team-building experiences offer a fantastic opportunity to bring excitement and engagement to your next team event, whether it’s with colleagues, family, or friends. Virtual team-building experiences provide a platform for participants to connect and bond, even when they are physically apart. From awe-inspiring magic shows to thrilling escape room challenges, there is a wide variety of interactive activities available to suit all preferences. Online team building is not only a great way to build morale and strengthen relationships, but it also creates lasting memories that participants will cherish long after the event is over. So why not book a virtual experience and add a touch of fun and connection to your next team gathering?


The performance of a proficient team will be seen in the long run, but it is what the teams do every day that will make a difference. It’s time to put the internet to good use, get over your worst fears, and build a strong foundation of support with these virtual team building kits. All of this while having the best time from the luxury of your home!