Vital Business Phone Calls Facts Every Business Person Must Know


Talking about the majority of businesses, small or big, communication is one factor that keeps the enterprise running. Even though integrating an internet business phone system might appear to be an overhead added in the list of expenses it is there and you would need it. 

Whether connecting with peers within the organization or addressing a customer issue, employing a virtual phone system is something that every organization must do. If we take a look at some of the statistics, it is clear that telephony still remains the top choice of customers. 

  1. According to a survey, 65% of the customers prefer connecting over call for business issues. 
  2. Nearly, 75% of the users believe calling to be the quickest way to get a response from the business. 
  3. 46% consider reaching out to agents via a call is better than raising request. 

All of this implies that no matter what you think, having a business phone system is one of the key elements of an organization. Even if you are not in the mood of setting up in-house call center software, you can outsource the same. 

It is no surprise that the telecom industry underwent a huge transition, thanks to advancements in technology. Whether it is about recording calls or transferring them, tracking or blocking, the modern VoIP phone system excels in all. 

Keeping this as our base, let’s move ahead to uncover a few facts related to business telephony. 

Business Facts You Should Know 

The Key To Enhanced Business Productivity 

Every business requires two kinds of communication, internal and external. Where internal is primarily focused on in-house communication, external is the communication between the employees or the salesperson and the customer. 

Either be the situation, better communication ensures improved workflow, in a way affecting the overall productivity of the enterprise. When you have the right tools and a proper phone system, all the correspondence within or outside the organization is carried smoothly and without any obstruction. This adds up to the overall efficiency of the organization. 

Attract and Retain Customers

Cold calling is one of the prominent methods to attract prospects. Not to mention that you would always require a phone system, whether traditional or VoIP phone system. Now, imagine having a system that isn’t effective and causes interruption while your sales team communicates with the customer. The probability of closing a deal here is far less than the possibility of the customer hanging up the phone. 

On the contrary, an effective phone system ensures that the interaction between the customer and the employee is stress-free and doesn’t add trouble. Having exceptional quality interaction powered by communication tools embeds an environment where customers can always connect with your business and get their issue resolved. And, a happy user is a long time customer. 

Personalized Services Layered Over Trust 

Now, this is something that is beneficial considering the viewpoint of business. Have you ever thought about why users prefer calling? 

A significant reason why 92% of the business interaction takes place over a call is the extent of value delivered by the same. When a user feels that he is valued and that the organization goes to great lengths to connect and offer them services, they are moved and are more likely to drive engagement. Not only this, but such communication also accounts for a greater level of customer trust. 

Quickest Form Of Connection

Lastly, the fact that the phone system foster communication faster and better accounts for its worldwide acceptability. Nearly 87% of the customers willfully pay more for the phone system, only because this form of communication maps their needs better. 

Also, from the perspective of the sales executive, it is believed that if a lead is followed in the next 10 minutes of its response, they are more likely to turn into their customers. 

Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Tools for Communication

It is obvious by now, that telephony plays an important role in attracting users, converting them to customers and increasing sales. In fact, this has been a legacy followed by years. Using cloud telephony, many ventures could make unbelievable improvements in satisfying and retaining customers.

What’s different today is the prevalence of new tools such as the virtual phone system, proven to improve and enhance the effectiveness of the system. These tools are packed with features and come with the ability to track calls and record them from better interaction. 

A recent survey revealed that a click to call action has the ability to enhance the conversion rate by 200%. Under the influence of such trends, you should also move ahead to embed business telephony. Or in case, you have the traditional system, consider adopting new tools and if possible, expand solutions to integrate cloud telephony. In short, escalate your solutions for better results.

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