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Modern technology makes it possible for every person to have fast and efficient mobile phones. No one likes to use a slow-speed phone when working. The smooth working of Vivo 1726 has made many people its lover want to purchase it. Today, Vivo 1726 has become a more popular and demanding mobile phone.

In this article, we inspect Vivo and also discuss the specifications of Vivo 1726 that will explain why a lot of people want to get this mobile phone in their hands.

Vivo Overview

Vivo is a China-based mobile company that is working in this field for several years. It was first launched in 1995 to produce several products for the telecommunication field. Vivo starts to manufacture android mobile phones in 2011 due to its higher demand for smartphones.

Due to the low price of smartphones offered by this company, they became popular among people of all ages. These mobile phones are popular among phone lovers due to the availability of the latest features. It comes along with all accessories regarding mobile phones.

It offers the latest mobile phones with new features. Let’s move forward to know more about Vivo 1726.

Vivo 1726 (Vivo Y83 Pro)

Vivo manufactured many smartphones that have dual names, if you go to search Vivo 1726 model name, you will get this device with another name. So, Vivo 1726 has another name such as Vivo Y83 Pro.

Vivo 1726 is the most famous smartphone by Vivo Company recently. It was launched in many parts of the world in 2018 and became very popular due to its many latest features.

Why Did Vivo 1726 Become Most Popular?

There are several factors due to which Vivo mobile phone becomes most famous and demanding for phone lovers. The main factor in becoming Vivo 1726 more famous is that it is manufactured more economical rather than any other mobile phone companies that that has functions.

Its main selling point is that the Vivo 1726 is made by a company that is more inexpensive than any other mobile phone company that offers the same functions. This model is used by every person of all ages who has enough savings in his pocket.

You have to invest a little amount to get this model in your hands. It is manufactured with the latest technology and you can use it easily without having any risk or problems. The users of Vivo 1726 can easily install and enjoy all the latest apps on their phones without any error.

Vivo 1726 Specifications

Its broad range of specifications makes this latest Vivo mobile model stand out from all other Vivo models. Let’s have a look at these specifications one by one below.

1. LCD

Vivo 1726 has an LCD that utilizes IPS technology for a perfect display of every pixel. You will be able to view the picture or video clearly without experiencing any problems with focus. As well as this, you will be able to experience high-resolution on the screen to enjoy some movies or films as if you were in a mini-cinema.

2. Long Lasting Battery

Many factors have been employed by producers to make the phone durable and long-lasting. You will get a long-lasting battery system with Vivo 1726, which can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. Vivo 1726’s LCD is protected by gorilla glass in case of a sudden hit. It will protect your phone from the backside and be assembled with quality material.


With this device, you won’t need to be worried about accidentally breaking it. The device has enough RAM and storage to make it comfortable to navigate some applications or store data. The Android 8.1 version allows you to use any application smoothly without experiencing any glitches such as slow processing.

4. Security

It comes along with a security feature to secure personal information. Its manufacturers designed it with a sensitive fingerprint sensor to secure your data. With this feature, you can keep your phone locked and not accessible to any person without permission.

Summarizing Up

In the end, we hope that from the given discussion you may get enough information about Vivo 1726 and also its specifications. It comes along with lots of features or specifications that might be looked at in a specific product.


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