Vodka Martini: With the license to enjoy

Ever since the James Bond films, at the latest, the combination of vodka and vermouth has achieved absolute cult status. There is now no cocktail menu without this classic on it. But what many people don’t know: Until the 1950s, the cocktail was prepared only with gin and only over time received the special touch that made it a worldwide classic. But what else should you know about the cocktail? And how is it prepared in the first place?

What is the history of the cocktail?

If you take a closer look at the origin of the Martini, you will come across many different legends about its alleged origin. If you believe the assumptions, Martini comes from the USA. This assumption is based on the fact that since 1851 there are records of the shipment of vermouth to North America. In 1888, a cocktail with the name Martini was mentioned in writing for the first time by Harry Johnson. In his version, the cocktail was mixed with Old Tom gin.

Old Tom Gin can hardly be compared to the Dry Gin that is often used today. The classic version of the drink was the so-called Dry Martini, prepared with gin and dry vermouth. As already mentioned, the way of preparation has changed a lot over the years – this is due to the fact that vodka became more and more common and popular in the USA in the 50s and 60s. Now people came up with the idea of replacing gin with vodka. Thus, the Vodka Martini was able to establish itself.

What do you need to prepare it?

If you want to prepare the classic cocktail yourself, you need a little equipment to make the result perfect. First, of course, you need a martini glass. Then there is a mixing glass, a jigger, a bar spoon and a strainer. Also, six centiliters of vodka, two centiliters of vermouth, ice cubes and an olive to garnish the cocktail with at the end.

How to prepare the cocktail?

To begin, chill the cocktail glass or your high quality gin glasses that matches your cocktails. Now add the ice cubes, vodka and vermouth to the mixing glass and mix everything with the help of a bar spoon. Then hold the strainer over the glass and pour the contents into the martini glass. Finally, garnish the cocktail with an olive or a lemon zest and enjoy the drink.

How do you make the perfect cocktail?

Even though the James Bond movies say “Shaken, not stirred!”, the stirred version is recommended. This is because the shaken version creates cloudiness that doesn’t look very nice, and furthermore, ice chips can occur. You could double strain, but shaking a short drink creates a larger amount of melted water, which can negatively affect the taste of the cocktail.

The olive is not just decoration, but also provides an interesting salty aftertaste. If you prefer it a little fresher, it is a good idea to garnish the drink with lemon or lime zest. Both combine very well with the sweetness of the vodka, which perfectly rounds out the taste of the cocktail.