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Have you ever noticed that when you pay for a tour, you just drive past different attractions, learning little about their history and taking a couple of photos? You pay hundreds of euros to drive past the monument and hear an article about it from Wikipedia. It’s not what you expected, is it? Yes, this is not at all what you expected.

But there is something that can solve this fundamental problem — free tours by foot. When visiting the sights on foot, you will be able to take as much time to enjoy the beauty as you need. And of course, take as many photos as you want. However, this is not the only advantage of this method. We will talk about this in this article.

Free tours by foot

You are probably wondering — how can it be that all tours are free? Maybe I’m being lied to? No, there is no cheating. There were free walking tours before, they just started to gain popularity relatively recently.

As already mentioned, all such tours are free. This means that there is no fixed price or prepayment for any tour, regardless of the sensations you experienced during the tour. Instead, you wave to leave a tip for your guide.

However, this is not mandatory, even if you liked everything very much, you still can go without paying. Or you can leave some tips — it’s up to you. Since guides are very interested in tips, they always try to provide the highest quality service or even show something unusual. Even though guides risk not getting paid at all, having spent a lot of time and effort, this type of tour continues to gain popularity. More providers of such services appear. This suggests that such a system still works.

It is also worth noting that almost all guides are local to the city in which you want to arrange a tour for yourself. This is an obvious advantage. The locals have:

  • excellent knowledge of the area;
  • they can also tell you things that the guides provided to you by more traditional travel agencies may not.

But it makes no sense to pay for what Wikipedia offers you for free, right? And the local guide will not only tell you something well-known, but will also be able to share some local folklore, tell you the opinions of the locals, and so on. So where can you find quality services of this kind?

Why choose freetour.com

As already mentioned, there are many providers of such services. However, judging by user reviews on various resources, freetour.com is one of the best.

All tours provided on this site are free. Despite this, many people leave generous tips, because the quality of the services provided is always at a high level — after all, the desire to leave a tip depends on this. Guides often try not to act according to a “prepared scheme”. But they stay creative, trying to tell something new and little known.

On the site itself, you can find not only a huge number of tours to the most popular places and cities in Europe, but also some useful articles that you may find interesting. You can also find reviews about the service on different sites on the Internet. Do not trust one resource, look at different ones.

Perhaps you want to not only become a tourist and visit beautiful places, but you live there and want to show them to tourists? In this case, you can go to the site and become a guide yourself. Freetour.com’s representatives will explain everything that you need to know, and they will constantly keep in touch with you to resolve various issues. But you better have at least a bit of experience in such a field, otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for you, and you risk getting none of the tips and spending lots of your time. All you gain from this work depends on you. So why delay? Let’s explore the beauty of this world with freetour.com!

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