Want to know how to jazz up your home? Here’s what the experts are doing


Home improvement sounds like a fun activity, but we sometimes make it more complicated than we have to. We may spend hours agonizing over the right color to use in our study, or what type of conservatory to opt for.

Sometimes what we need is an expert or two to point us in the right direction. The good news is that interior design is a super popular industry and there are many people who can help us out.

So, on that note, here are seven trendy ways to jazz up your home in 2022.

Hang 3D Art

It might sound like a cool concept, but how can 3D art improve your living space?

Designer Lauren Behfarin believes art that ‘pops right off the wall’ can bring a flat surface to life, and it’s taken off in 2022 in a big way.

There are scores of online retailers who are helping independent artists transmit their work to a wider audience, including homeowners. The artwork is usually very affordable, and the makers can ship the pieces directly to your home.

It’s then just a question of knowing where to put it!

Create a home library

Home libraries have declined over the years with people preferring to use the space for other purposes. On top of this, cheap attraction of electronic products means that we may just as likely play an online casino game than pick up a book these days.

However, if you have a spare room, then what better way to use it than with the various covers and colors of books? Not only does it look great, but it shows off your collection to visitors. Also, because they’re stacked on shelves, they keep most of the room free for other uses.

Use patterns

Patterns are back in vogue after a while out of the limelight, but the key is not to go overboard by mixing large, bold prints or repeating the same pattern everywhere.

Instead, it’s a good idea to use a softer idea, like subtly patterned wallpaper with a stone or wood floor, for example. The aim is to play around with patterns but not let them take over the room.

1970s patterns are back in fashion, too, but more on that later.

Focus on sustainable design

We’re living in times of heightened eco-friendly focus, so it’s inevitable that we embrace sustainable measures in our homes as we try to play our part.

Doing up old furniture, made popular by the practice of flipping, is central to this as we try to save material. Creating garden space for compost and plants, as well as trying to foster wildlife, is also important.

Technology will play a part, too. Smart home features and technology, such as eco-flushing toilets and Tesla charging points, are more common and should get cheaper as they become more a part of everyday life.

Go back to the future

As mentioned, the past is playing a part this year with old-fashioned patterns making a comeback, and we’ll see the trend echoed through vintage colors and elements, too.

Expect to see more mustard and terracotta as we take inspiration from series like Mad Men. Furniture, too, may resemble the 70s in the form of cabinet and table peg legs and teak wood tones, according to Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors.

If the 80s were more your bag, then mauve gray is a popular color from that decade that is popping up in more and more stylish homes.

Install colored kitchen cabinets

You may be used to kitchens showing off glistening white cabinets, but this now feels very 2010.

Instead, injecting color into your kitchen storage will put it in the same bracket as the classiest modern kitchens. The great news is that many shades look good for these, including green, purple or brown.

European countries have embraced this look for some time now, so it’s the turn of the rest of the world as color bounces back with a flourish!

Try glass walls

The pandemic had a big effect on our emotions, most notably our desire to be outdoors. After being locked up for several months, we’re ready to bring nature into our homes, and glass walls are one way of doing that.

Although expensive to carry out, they can transform a property, making it look much bigger and welcoming. Interior walls, too, can open up indoor space, and still give family members peace and quiet from each other.

If there’s one thing we know about interior design, it’s that styles are continually changing – so watch this space for further updates!

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