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Want To Learn French? Here Are Some Great Tools To Know About

Learn French

Have you been itching to learn a new language? Maybe you are taking a trip to Eruope and want to brush up on your foreign language skills before boarding the plane. Whatever the reason, improving your communication skills by using online methods is a new and modern way to quickly learn from the comfort of your own home. 

Online French Tutors for YOU


Looking for the best online French tutors? Preply is one of the best online learning methods for those searching to become an expert on a new language. Preply uses expert tutors, some of who are native speakers, complete with verified profiles to ensure each person is truly an expert in their field. Users have the ability to learn anytime, helping accommodate your busy schedule. 

Preply lets you achieve your language goals by using private online French tutors. You can immerse yourself in a new culture by connecting with experts around the world, while simultaneously making your way up the ladder in your career by developing your vocabulary and communication skills. Read now the French tutors available on Preply.

Lastly, Preply helps you speak naturally to clearly communicate with native speakers while in their home country. 


One of the most well-known and widely-used options around the world, Berlitz uses an immersive and communicative method to quickly learn a new language. If you are trying to learn French in a short time period, using Berlitz provides self-paced lessons, comprehensive materials, and practice sessions via video call.

French Pod 101

French Pod is a learning system with audio and visual learning systems that simulate real French conversations, focusing on comprehension of real-life dialogue and pronunciation. One of the benefits of using these French tutors for your learning is the release of new content every week, keeping the content relevant and modern. 

French Institute Alliance Francaise

The FIAF is an organization that promotes the French language by offering online French tutors who teach an immersive and culturally-focused class. Offering both one and two-week refresher courses for those who have begun learning French before, this is a good option for those who need to refocus and begin practicing a forgotten language before beginning a new job or going back to school.

Rocket French

This learning program features online French tutors who create 20-30 minute long lessons that contain interesting activities like games, flashcards, and voice recognition software. Complete with a mobile app, you can use this software anywhere and track your progress as you go. 


This French learning system offers lessons between 10 and 15 minutes long to help you learn, using the repetition technique and long-term memorization to cement your French knowledge. Babbel uses online French tutors that can work with both auditory and visual learners.


Using online web-based services to learn a new language is a foolproof way to educate yourself on your own schedule. By using online French tutors and services like Preply, students can brush up on their French knowledge before heading back to school or starting a new job.

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