Want to Lose Weight? Wear Weighted Vest


Most of the weighted vests available today are not akin to those that football players or firefighters wear. The market is full of different types of weighted vests that are comfortable, adjustable, and stylish. Most athletes utilize weight vests to boost their performance in a specific sport. But you do not have to be any hardcore athlete to reap the perks of a weight vest.

Burn Calories with Weighted Vest

This concept is simple. Add extra weight to the body core to boost the caloric burn during normal daily activities or a low impact exercise like walking. Most of these vests are comfortable enough to be worn below a t-shirt at the time of performing activities such as walking, gardening, or mowing the lawn.  As per scientific studies, weighted vests’ usage boosts the efficiency of exercises of low impact and burn more calories while walking.

These vests can burn calories of about 7% while walking and even increase exercise intensity. Among others, it is the Hyperwear weighted vests that specialists suggest for their comfort and style. You can wear it quickly below the clothes. Gradually you can add weights to increase the resistance as slowly or quickly as per the wish. Are you looking for the best quality vest? Visit https://thegravgear.com/pages/best-weighted-vest-singapore.

3 Effective Tips to Lose Weight through a Weight Vest

Below are some useful tips that will help you lose weight through a weighted vest. These include,

  1. Wear the vest to perform different household chores like vacuuming, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, yard work, gardening, and others.
  2. Begin with 2% of the body’s weight in the weighted vest and possess a goal to boost up to 10%.
  3. You can also put on the weighted vest during light jogging or walking the dog.

A weighted vest can be an excellent add-on to low impact workout plans. When you wear these vests, it can work wonders to burn more calories compared to while exercising sans wearing one. Naturally, we tend to lose weight when we burn more calories than what we consume. The human body receives the fuel from the food they consume, and it stores the additional body fat to use when there is a shortage of fuel.

The moment the body burns more calories than what you consume, the human body will be forced to burn all the stored body fat, hence helping in weight loss. This process speeds up with the help of a weighted vest. The extra added weight to the overall human body weight will boost the effort necessary to perform the exercise routine. And the more effort your body will exert at the time of workout, the higher the calories you burn.

The bottom line is, though weighted vests can help a great deal to burn additional calories, you must not wear wrist weights or ankle weights or carry weight in your hands. That is because both practices can result in injury and muscle imbalance.



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