Want to Play Golf? Here’s How to Get Started

Remember the first time you saw golf on TV? It might’ve been a match or a movie where the protagonists were enjoying a nice game; either way, you probably thought it was a pretty easy sport to get into. The problem with golf is you want to try it once you see people playing  it just looks so fun! Then, you find a golf course and you try your luck. Chances are that the first time was quite disastrous. You find out that it is a very tough game, and mastering it is far from easy.

The key to getting better at golf is starting on the right foot; here’s how you can do that.

Hit the Range

Before getting to a real golf course, you should first hit the driving range. It is the best place to get used to the game and the conditions, and there isn’t really any pressure to hit anything like on a golf course. You can keep hitting balls all day long, and you wouldn’t need to worry about your image or anything, because almost everyone there is either a beginner or was a beginner at some point. This will give you a great chance to work on your golf swing and shots in preparation for the next phase.

Find the Right Course

The next thing you need to do is find a local golf course in your area. There are probably quite a few but you might have not noticed them. So, check with Google and locate the nearest golf course. You will get a list with photos, location, pricing, and most importantly reviews. You want to make sure the first golf course you try is of excellent quality so it wouldn’t put you off from the game before you even start. It should be carefully manicured and looked after, so make sure you read what other players have to say about the place.

Getting the Gear

If you are really serious about getting better at golf, then you will need to invest in some gear. You should obviously start with the clubs, and get to know the different ones and their functions. As explained by the professional golf coaches on https://theleftrough.com/, you need to check reviews on the gear before you do anything, so you could invest in getting high-quality clubs for starters. You don’t really need to spend a fortune on clubs, but read up on them first so you could have an idea about which ones you will need and their different functions. You should then get some gloves, a golf bag, and the rest of the gear you need to play this game.

Get a Teacher

Golf isn’t really a game that you could learn by watching some videos on YouTube.  You need to have someone, an expert, guide you to help improve your game.  You may look for a golf instructor who can teach you in person or, for more convenience, you may also opt for online golf lessons.  Mastering the swing and the posture will be quite challenging at first, and if you don’t have an experienced person showing you right from wrong, you won’t see much improvement in your game. And no, your spouse or close friend who has been playing golf for a few years isn’t really the kind of help you need, unless they were pros at some point in their lives. Always look for someone with the right credentials to help take your game to the next level.

Practice the Grip

While a lot of people think the swing is the hardest part to master in golf, it is actually the grip that proves more challenging to most. You have to practice your grip and learn how to properly hold the club, because that is how you make your shots. Learn proper posture and how to bend your knees rather than your hips, as well as the proper positioning of the rest of your body. All those factors will play into the quality of your shots.

Work on Your Shorter Shots

Contrary to popular belief, most of your golf shots won’t be half the course away. Most of your shots will be within a 50-yard distance from the green, and those are the more difficult shots to master. When it is a long distance you’re after, it is just power that you need to master. But for the short shots, you need finesse and accuracy, which are a lot harder to acquire. So, you need to invest a lot of time and effort working on your wedges and putters.

The most important thing when getting started with golf is not giving up. It can get quite frustrating at times, and the learning curve isn’t exactly easy, but you will get there. Just keep at it and always enlist professional help to improve your game.