Want to Save Money While Shopping? Try These Sites for Free Manufacturer Coupons

Have you ever wanted to buy a product only to find out that it costs more than what you wanted to pay? Have you ever gotten upset because the price is not on sale or just inflated? If yes, then manufacturer coupons may be for you. You can save money while shopping by taking advantage of these coupons. And now with the internet at your fingertips and the many coupon sites available, finding free manufacturer’s coupons has never been easier. Here are some sites where you can get useful information, print or clip electronic coupons and even save some money while shopping online!

CapitalOne Shopping

If you’re looking to save some money while shopping online or in the drug store, then CapitalOne Shopping is a great site for you. For example, before buying a product at your local pharmacy, first check out the patient assistance and savings programs offered by manufacturers such as Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and many others. Product discounts are just one of the ways CapitalOne Shopping can help you save money while shopping.

Capital One also lists online coupons as well as advanced search options that will allow you to find exactly what you need without wasting time searching through hundreds of sites for manufacturer’s coupons. And get this: access to printable manufacturer’s coupons is free! You won’t have any hidden fees or unexpected charges for saving money while shopping.

Rebate Key

Rebate Key is a great coupon-finding website. It has various links that have product reviews and information on how you can save money while shopping online. The site also offers the opportunity for users to post their own coupons such as walmart promotional codes, although this may vary by state. In addition, it features lists of targeted stores in different areas across the United States. You will want to check with your specific region for any restrictions or limitations on these types of free coupons before printing them out.


Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? Not only is it an awesome points site, but they have a search engine with several features and live streaming entertainment too. You can get paid for searching the web through the Swagbucks Toolbar, looking at advertisements and watching videos or playing games. They also have shopping options where you can find free coupons from popular stores such as Target, Best Buy, Home Depot & many more. In addition to that, there are cash back offers available for every purchase you make! Visit  swagbucks  to learn more about how to SAVE money while shopping online with them today!


If you want to SAVE money while shopping online, then Rakuten has just what you need. With over 50 million products in all different types of categories, there’s something for everyone. And their monthly sale features great deals on top brand name merchandise from computers and electronics to clothing and household goods. Another feature that might be useful is free shipping with no minimum order requirements. That means you can shop exactly how you want; just fill up your cart and get it all shipped right to your door! Visit  rakuten  today for the best coupons and most competitive prices available online today!

Groupon Coup

Who doesn’t like saving money? Groupon Coupons is a great place for shoppers to find some great deals on top brand name merchandise. They provide daily deals on food, home and garden products, beauty services and more! You can also SAVE money while shopping online by creating a free account with their search engine. Not only will you be able to save money while shopping, but you’ll get access to the latest coupons and discounts from top retailers as well. Visit  groupon coupons  today for the newest coupons available online today!

Living Social

Another great way to SAVE money while shopping online is using Living Social Coupons. They have a wide variety of popular stores and categories for you to choose from such as: beauty, wellness, arts & entertainment, and more. The best part? They offer awesome deals every day! Save up to 50% off your favorite products or services at restaurants, spas, gyms and salons on their daily deals site. Living Social also has an app that’s available on the iTunes App Store which means you can access all of their deals and coupons conveniently in one place! Visit  livingsocial  today to finally stop wasting time searching for manufacturer’s coupons before buying something online!


DontPayFull is probably the best site for finding manufacturer’s coupons and hundreds of dollars in cash back rewards. They have worked out a great deal with many popular online retailers, and you can SAVE money while shopping at every one of them. All you have to do is visit their website, go to an online store that looks interesting then click on the coupon or promotion tab to see all of the offers available! It doesn’t get any easier than this when you want to find discount offers, printable coupons and free shipping codes. Visit  dontpayfull  today and start saving now!

A Word to the Wise: 

One thing that most people don’t realize is that it’s not only about getting deals or free items; it’s also just as important to be able to use those items/services without having to pay an arm and leg! Many times we are aware of sales but when it comes time to buy something, either we forget about the sale or end up at a different store.and then get home to find out the product/item we just spent money on is actually cheaper somewhere else. This can be very frustrating!