Wardrobe essentals for college going teens


Every girl is very excited when they start going to college . They prepare their wardrobe and maintain all the things which are required for the college .It is an amazing phase for every girl and they love to enjoy every bit of it . Everyday is a hurdle if they don’t manage their wardrobe and all the essentials. Everyday if they want to experiment with their look and want to look fresh and classy at the same time. For this, they have to match up their dress and all the accessories with each other. They have to collect all the things before their college starts.

Here are some of the essential things that every girl should have if they want to have the perfect wardrobe .

While plain t-shirt

Every girl should have a white plain tshirt either printed or quoted . It is so trendy and looks so classy and casual as well. It makes you feel calm and composed as well.This kind of plain t-shirt can match up with all the colours of jeans or trousers. You can also try white t- shirt  with some graphics on it. Nike has so many white t-shirts printed or plain , quoted . These look so cool and comfortable also .

Percet trouser collection

You must have a perfect trouser collection with you in your wardrobe .Trouser are so important as you can match your top with your trouser and create a great and cool look, which will make you feel comfortable also.Some of the trouser are so trending these  days like boot cut, straight fit, joggers, baggy trousers etc. Nike has a huge collection of women trending trousers with soft fabric so that you can wear this  for the whole day easily . It will make you look comfortable and trendy as well.

Crop tops

Nowadays girls love crop tops a lot, they match up these with the high rise jeans and this looks so comfortable and trendy.Crop tops are classical ways to represent yourself with trending designs and styles . The purpose of this top is to make your midriff area look amazing. Many girls want to look bold or modest , so they can have a little fun with these trending crop tops . These kinds of tops make girls feel gorgeous .It is the top that suits every age of the girls. As we know that crop tops are rocking the campus fashion.

Nike has different types of crop tops available like in sportswear, casual wear, printed, short sleeves crop top, oversized, loose, fit , etc with the soft fabric.



Skirts are cool as well as trendy and also according to the college . As so many girls wear skirts of different types and different fabrics , but they also have to wear skirts in which they look modest and also clean according to the campus area. Some of the different types of skirts that can be used by teens are A – line skirt , maxi skirt, knitted and woven skirt,circle skirt, flared skirt , pencil skirt and many more

Oversized sweaters

These oversized sweaters are so in trend nowadays . These are also called baggy sweatshirts. These are so comfy and useful in winters as they make you feel warm and keep you cozy . Also you can add some thin warm inner inside if you want to feel comfortable and warm inside also. You can wear them with fitted jeans and jeggings. This kind of look is so trendy for college students. These oversized sweaters are versatile in fashion. These oversized sweaters must be in the number one position in your wardrobe.

Sports bras

These are the best bras during any physical activity and exercises . Many girls went to the gym after their college and before going to the college. They should try the sports bras for the proper comfort and for  any physical activity to stay  fit. They can match their sports bras with some cool tops also .  Every girl should have a good collection of sports  bras and of different colors to match up with the top they want to wear. Nike has a great sports collection  for women. They always come out  with a great collection of sports  bras , which are trendy and comfortable at the same time.

Sports shoes

These kinds of shoes  are very comfortable and common . Every girl should have sports shoes in their wardrobe. Wearing the correct sports shoes is very important, it will increase  comfort, performance and most importantly it prevents injuries during any physical activities. Nike Air jordan 1  are so comfy and also stylish shoes for girls and men also. These kinds of sports shoes can be used both during physical activities and for casual purposes . As these look so trendy and there is a huge range of the sports shoes available in the market  which are trendy, stylish and comfortable for daily wearing .

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