Warning Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Home


Just as we tend to miss the signs of aging of the people we see every single day, we also tend to overlook it when it comes to our homes. When you see it day in and day out, it becomes harder to spot the deterioration and wear out signs creeping in on your once brand new house. In fact, you may even start using the different tunes of your squeaking kitchen tiles to guide you to the bathroom when you wake up in the middle of the night.

You no longer think about that crack in the paint of your living room because it is not there anymore! You have strategically hidden it with some asymmetrical artsy-looking mirror. You have gotten into this rhythm where it is all about the quick fixes to patch things up around your house, and you choose to believe that it is all ok and that everything looks just fine. If you find this all too relatable, then you need to realize that this is the first sign that you need to start renovating your home. Below you can find even more warning signs to take note of:

It Started Raining Indoors

Unless you are a little too outdoorsy for your own good and decided to live as if you are on a never-ending camping trip, then this is not ok! This is an undeniable sign that some serious roofing works are desperately needed ASAP. You can go for a quick inspection before you contact the professionals to come and fix this mess. Ask your contractor about metal rooftops as they have become a very popular choice, thanks to their durability and easy maintenance.

Your Walls Are Starting to Look Like a Painting Canvas

When you can no longer see the actual color of your rooms under the plethora of your kids’ fingerprints multiplying over the years, then it is definitely time for a fresh coat of paint. You do not need to go for the same old-fashioned regular paint; you can do some upgrading and use fresh wallpaper designs, or go for the classy textured paint effects guaranteed to elevate the overall look of your rooms.

Your Home Can Actually Talk

When your idea of a quiet night at home is normally accompanied by squealing pipe sounds and shrieking door hinges, then you need to sign up a contractor to take on this renovation project that has been long overdue. When you learn to listen to your home, you will understand that some sounds are more serious than others, and will need prompt action. With practice, you will be able to pinpoint such differences.

The Furniture Has Become Mobile

And not in a good way! Loose cabinets that fly off their hinges once you touch them need to be fixed or, better yet, replaced. Your dining table that was once considered fancy, but now is resting on three legs instead of four should be an unmissable sign. Take the chance and invest in some new furniture that is enough to turn the look of your home around, and make you feel like you just moved into a new place.

There is Danger at Every Corner

Sometimes the warning signs can be urgent and demand immediate action, especially if you have kids at home. You cannot risk living with broken windows and loose nails. To you, the gushing of hot water once you turn on the shower might not be an issue, but if your little son attempts this himself, he might end up with first-degree burns. You or your family can get seriously injured if you choose to turn a blind eye to such pressing matters. So, it is recommended that you act fast when you see this kind of sign.

Other People Start to Notice

This is when it’s not a “sign” anymore, but rather a fact. When your friends and family makes teasing remarks about how you need to do some renovations around your home, do not laugh it off as if it’s a joke. You need to take their word for it because you might fail to see the magnitude of the problem when you are looking so closely. So, listen to your loved ones’ valuable advice as they see the shabby state of your home and want what is best for you.

Although some of the above issues might not seem alarming on their own, when you wait them out, they will pile up and be even harder to deal with overtime. You do not need to be a house-whisperer to get what your home is trying to tell you. Instead, look out for the above signs to help you better speak “house”.

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