Ways In Which Hate Speech Spreads On The Internet

Hate groups can be found all around the world. They thrive now more than ever since it is so much easier to promote beliefs than ever before. According to writers at https://rush-essays.com, numerous essays are now written about hate. The internet just made it easier to debate everything. While students that work with rush-essays.com in order to write school work are not problematic, what hate groups promote on the internet can be. Here is how hate speech is now promoted online.

Social Networks

It is very hard for the mainstream networks to shut down hate speech since it is incredibly easy to open accounts and share all your beliefs with the world. Twitter and Facebook actively do all they can to remove posts that celebrate or promote hate. Even so, hate groups will always find their way on the large networks. With other social networks things are more complicated but hate groups often use them and will always continue to use them.

Video Platforms

The internet is faster than ever so video content is incredibly popular as you can now view it with literally any mobile or fixed device that can be connected to the online world. Because of this, it should come as no surprise to see that so many hate messages are now being posted on the popular video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

To make matters even worse, because of the fact there are so many video sharing sites out there and countless ads out there, it is practically impossible to guarantee some ran ads will not promote hate speech.

Online Funding

The internet makes it incredibly easy to raise capital so hate groups manage to get all the funding needed for their actions. There were even situations in which PayPal was used to get funds for hate-related activities. The company did quickly respond and said that it does not encourage or help organizations like white-supremacist organizations or the KKK. PayPal stated that whenever an organization uses services that could violate policies, they are being taken care of. Unfortunately, PayPal is just a mainstream way in which hate groups gain funding. Nowadays, many other options exist, including accepting cryptocurrency payments.


This is surely something that everyone expects. Websites stand out as a basic hate propaganda machine piece. The good news is that numerous hosting companies are now taking a stand. They terminate contracts with site owners that actively promote hate and Google even removes the websites from search results.

The Dark Web

Last but not least, the dark web is basically an internet part that Google cannot search. Common search engines simply do not list the websites. The big advantage of using the dark web is that there are fewer ways to stop hate speech. You cannot even access this part of the online world without having a specific browser. It is practically impossible to stop hate speech propaganda on the dark web but you can always take a stand whenever you see something like this on the regular internet websites all people from around the world can access.