Ways To Help Your Email To Pass The Spam Test


Whenever a person proceeds with email marketing, then the first step you have to pass is the spam test. It is a problem faced by most of the marketers that the emails they send don’t pass the spam test. Now they move to the spam folder, and the goal they have set from the email marketing campaign remains unfulfilled.

The internet service providers are trying to give a real and tight fight to ll the spammers e ti which the rule for passing an email a spam test is tough. If you are also failing the test many times and trying that your email reaches the inbox of your subscribers’ email, then you must join us in the journey of this article. We will be discussing a few tactics that you must apply to your email marketing strategy to help your email pass the test, and your voice reaches your customer through your emails. The points are as follows:-

  • There are many technicalities that you need to take care of while sending an email. If you ignore those technicalities, your email will surely fail the spam test, resulting in your email moving to spam such as the gmail spam folder.
  • You must use the name of the sender in every email that you send. If the sender’s name is not recognized in the mail, then your receiver’s chances of marking your mail as spam are more. So it would help if you mentioned your brand name in the email to remember you and open up the email you have sent to them.
  • Along with the sender’s name, you need to remember that you add up the receiver’s name also in the email. It will make your email more personalized, and your receiver will indeed form a good image regarding you with that email. You can use various service providers to perform this task if you have a long list of receivers.
  • The email service provider that you choose also plays an important role in passing your spam test. There are various email service providers worldwide whom you can take help from but never forget the golden rule. Always try and compare all the providers and choose the best one out for your task.
  • One more task that you can do if you want to win the internet service provider’s trust is that you can get yourself accredited. If you do this, then the ISP will trust you and mark your email as non-spam. You have to pay some amount for the service that you will choose.
  • If your email is going continuously in the spam folder, you have to check if your sender identity is not blacklisted. Sometimes your opponent companies may continuously mark your emails as spam, making you a blacklisted sender. It will affect your email deliverability directly. To remove this, you can report to the ISP and remove yourself from the blacklist.
  • Sending an email to the subscribers is a tedious task as you want it to be perfect. To perform this perfect task, why not you take a trial to see whether everything goes well. Please make a copy of the email you are about to send to your subscribers and send it to one email of your known. F the email is delivered well, then you are good to go and pass the spam test. The ISP is in continuous war, and they keep on changing their technologies and rules to filter out the spam messages from the inbox. It would be best to read out all the notifications and rules updation by the ISP and draft a mail accordingly. By this, the ISP will notice that you are updated with all the rules, and the chances of your email to reach the inbox increases.
  • People make the mistake that they buy their email lists. When they start sending emails to these brought lists, it is the kind of mail you send without permission. The chances of such emails going to spam increase as people don’t like unwanted emails. That is why you must always build a list of your own. It is the best way, and when you send mail to these lists, they will be happy to read wand will also provide you feedback.
  • When you have to build a huge list of emails, then it is time to apply some filters. You need to check that who are the subscribers are, not even opening your emails. Such people can be a reason for your failing the spam testSo, never keep such people on your list and try to remove them as soon as possible.
  • There is an option of opt-in, which every marketer must provide to their reception that they want their emails. Everyone does that, so you must apply the double opt-in option if you want to stand out. It will provide more security to the internet service provider than a spammer and doing ethical work.
  • You have to take care of the subject lines you draft. It would help if you never used words like free in your subject lines. Instead of being catchy, try to keep the subject line personalized and straightforward. Such email has more chance of opening.
  • Email communication is a very important factor, and you need to follow proper etiquette while doing one. If you don’t use good language in your email, you can never pass the spam test. 
  • You must keep in mind that always says no to false information. Yes, remember that never makes false promises to your subscribers that you cannot fulfill. Such promises can affect your image. If the promise remains unfulfilled, then the subscribers will first unsubscribe you and then spam you from their list.

Final Wording

People must feel that email marketing is easy, but when they enter it, they come to know the real truth. It is not a cup of tea that you can easily lift. You need to follow the tones of rules and regulations before starting your email marketing journey.

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