Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Have Fun While Studying


The emergence of mobile gadgets and internet connection has made “studying” a task that is too boring for many kids these days. The thought of holding a piece of printed book seems to be unbearable for them. Holding a book and a real pen is more of a chore than a fun activity and that a piece of book is like a mobile iPad that stopped being animated. These are the things that usually come up in a child’s brain each time they hear the word “study”. As a result, they become too reluctant to study because they view it as a chore that is nothing short of an ordeal. Therefore, studying has to be fun and interesting, so it won’t be difficult for parents or educators to motivate kids to study.

Harness the power of the reward system.

The reward system is one hundred percent effective. Kids love to do anything for the sake of a prize! Even if you say that a task can be a real challenge, kids would still be willing to do it, especially when they know that the prize is something that they also like. Luckily, these rewards don’t have to be too pricey. A small pack of cookies, a small box of donuts and a couple of muffins are just a few examples of rewards that are enough to make kids way too excited to start studying. Of course, prizes or rewards don’t have to mean “foods” all the time. Any cute and interesting stuff will also be a good reward. You may reward the children with a colorful pen or some cute pencil cases after reading a short story. You can also give them some small toys after answering an activity from the book. In other words, when it comes to rewards or prizes, anything will do for as long as it’s something that could make kids excited.

Encourage kids to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Learning to count or doing the math does not have to be a paper and pencil activity all the time. You can ask them to practice in real life by letting them count certain objects around them. You may even ask them to help you bake some dessert, which is an activity that enables them to count or measure the ingredients. You can even ask them to arrange the books on a shelf and count how many books are there in each row. These tasks make the lessons easier to remember for kids. Besides, it also adds meaning to each lesson and this eliminates any tendency to become bored. When they know that what they’re studying is something of value to them in real life, studying will cease to be a meaningless activity for them.

Make study time, another “game” time.

“Playing games” seem to be such a magical two-word phrase for young kids. It never fails to elicit that excited look on their faces, especially when the games are age-appropriate and fun. Fortunately, you don’t have to squeeze your brain too hard to be able to come with a better game idea. You only have to search the internet for games that can also be customized to make it suitable for your current lesson. There’s a plethora of options to choose from, which means you don’t have to find your children or students playing the same games over and over again. You can definitely create new games each day to ensure there will always be that element of surprise to make study time something for kids to look forward to.

Whatever lesson or activity that needs to be studied, do not forget to integrate creativity and fun in it. Otherwise, study time will turn out to be “war” time between the parent/educator and the child.

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