Ways to Protect your Leather Phone Case


In today’s Fastly running life full of technological advancement, Mobile phones have become a must in almost everyone’s life. Over this, after COVID0-19, digitalisation has boosted as never before. Online school and college classes with work from home have made mobile phones compulsory for everyone counting from a class first student to a working individual.

Only a spill, few drops, or a fall are few such unlucky events that can damage one’s very expensive latest trending phone or tablet. Only the person who has unknowingly experienced the losning grip and watching his/ her phone rocketing towards the ground can understand the pain of it and the importance of protecting the device.

These days every kind of protection case is available in the market. Starting from lightweights, slim cases to rugged cases are available. Along with the gorgeous or stylish designs they also offer utmost features and protection to the device.

Though there are many companies providing the facility, one such leading company for the same is gritleather.com.  They provide expertise in leather accessories with innovative manufacturing. They attempt to merge luxury of craftsmanship with consumer products repeatability and scale. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field, they offer complete customized service, right from choosing the design of the product to the final manufacturing of it. While purchasing any product one should also take care for it to be safe for their babies / children, this can also be called  babyproofing.

Talking about the Price

If one tries to find the best price at any particular site only that is impossible. Even the manufacturer’s website rarely provides the best price for the product. So, to get the best and most affordable price of any product, one should try to visit various websites like the manufacturer’s website, recommended retailer’s website like amazon, flipkart, etc. When finally one is able to decide which case to buy then he/ she can compare it on various stores and buy the most suitable one. Amazon.com and eBay.com are mostly the most affordable sites for leather phone cases.

Talking about the Price

Do you research then finalize the choice

Before finalizing any of the choices, one should also check the customer reviews, ratings, and stars of the product to get better insights.  Even if the reviews for any particular product are not available then one can visit the reviews of similar products from the same manufacturer. Those reviews will give them an idea of their product as well as most of the basic features are the same. Talking about the manufacturer’s reliability and quality will be clear from it’s similar product reviews. One can also find various people posting photos and discussing the latest trending phone cases in various forums on the web.

Make sure to do a surety check

Apart from the design, checking out the precise cut-outs is also necessary for phone cases. Sometimes the cases are rushed out of the door and they end up having a missed port or button covers might be stiff, or there might be a problem of covering the camera flash or flash reflections. If one’s phone has features like wireless chagrin and they want to charge their phone with the cover on then they should definitely not forget to check the product specifications or check with the manufacturer for such features before buying any case.

Additional features

There are many additional features available in Phone cases these days. One might prefer for their phone case to have a landscape stand. Talking about this some cases even offer multiple positions, including 360-degree hinges as well. There are even some battery cases available in the market, one can even check them out as per the need. Further, There are sometimes kick stands provided in the phone cases which pop out from the back to support the phone but while buying one should check that it does not have any glitch to pop out when not needed, because it will be very annoying otherwise if they pop out uninvited. One can make notes of what special add on features they need so that they do not miss out on any while actually shopping.

Additional features

Types of Cases

As per the latest Phone case market, there are various types of Phone cases available like –

  • Rugged Cases- They are quite heavy and bulky. The air pockets and reinforced pocket in them, makes them a better choice for protection.
  • Tough cases- These cases are the perfect choice when someone wants their phone to survive every drop and not even be very bulky to carry.
  • Slim/ Basic cases- These are suitable for giving the phone a slim classy look.
  • Folio cases- these cases come with an open-Folio or wallet case. They look stylish and are even pocket-friendly.

The Final Word

In the end, almost everyone’s best bet is to go to a shop and try each case in hand if that is possible. The final choice depends on how often one is going to hold the phone and where he/she is going to carry it. As everyone wants to find something so perfect that fits them and their lifestyle. One may prefer two to three types of cases for various situations like a slim classy case for office or work. Whereas, a rugged case will be the perfect choice for the place when going for hiking or biking.

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