Ways to Style Your Home Like Your Favorite Rockstars


When you really like something, you want it to show, and what better way to show your passion for rock than to decorate your home accordingly? Your home can look like all your favorite rock stars are living there, and you can use posters, vintage-looking 1960s rock photographs, and a bunch of other things to give your house the right vibe.

The Planning Stage

Changing your home decor or styling your house can be very exciting, but it is important not to get ahead of yourself. First, you want to sit down and make a plan: What room will you start with, are you going to redecorate all the rooms in the house or will you stick to one area?

As much as you may want, it might not be possible to redo the whole house at once, as this often results in many half-finished rooms. Instead, start with one room, then another, etc, etc.

Low-Cost Options

Decide your starting point and look around the room to see what you want to do. Sometimes even a very small change, such as adding something to the walls, can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be expensive to turn your home into a rock ‘n’ roll den!

Rock Inspired Home Decor Styles

You have hundreds of options when decorating a rock-inspired hoe! You can go with contrasts like black and white – perhaps with a dash of red or pink to really make the room pop and add items related to musical instruments for that final touch.

Another option is to go with something a little more subtle, like wooden details, leather couches, vinyl records, and plants. It is recommended that you choose a style based on the type of rock music you listen to, as not all rock music is the same.

If you need inspiration – google a few rock music album covers to get color inspiration and more!

What to Get?

Whenever you set out to give your home a rock start vibe, you need to focus on the details. It is all about the details! If you are renting or if you are on a budget, you might not be able to paint the walls and change the flooring, but you can add decorative items.


If you have musical instruments at home, such as a guitar, it is a great idea to put these on display and perhaps hang them on the wall. You can also use wall art like vinyl, paintings, and posters featuring musical instruments.

Vinyl Records

There was never a better time to bring out those old vinyl records! Place them somewhere where everyone can see them, and consider investing in a vinyl record player.

Posters ; Photographs

Posters of your favorite rock star are great options for rock-inspired home decor, but if you want a more authentic feel rather than one that might look like your teenage bedroom, you can instead go with vintage rock photographs.


Nothing says rock ‘n’ roll like leather! Buy a set of leather couches, or just add a leather couch cushion to the couch you already have.


Glitter and glam adds a nice touch to a rock-inspired room, and especially if you enjoy listening to glam rock! It can be a glittery blanket, silver picture frames or anything that stands out.


Giving your home a rock ‘n’ roll touch isn’t hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! With a few changes, the right decorative items and some imagination – you can get that rock vibe you have always wanted, to show off your music preferences for everyone to see.

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