Wearable Vibrators for You and Your Partner to Enjoy To the Maximum

Why do sex tools have to be solos? Have you ever used a sex toy for adding a little twist to your bed stories? Well, now is the time because fun just doesn’t have to be limited to singles. Every couple can get a handy little device, strap it on and maximize the experience.

For many couples, using a sexy toy means they don’t have the magic in their relationship, which is certainly not true. But some days, your partner might need a little more push and even more arousal. There are different types of vibrating toys manufactured for couples to have the most of it for that mere reason.

Who can use wearable vibrators

The old school toys were very tiresome, as you had to hold them in place while they could vibrate at the rite erotic spot. Or if you have a pulsating device with different patterns in it, you just had to hold it still in one position. For making it easy and more pleasurable, sex devices come with straps. The interesting part is the work both ways. You can slide it inside and have the fun of you strap it on and use it on your partner for a little more intense experience.

Over the years, using vibrators have become the new hot thing among married couples or the ones in a relationship. They are easy to use, are less energy-consuming, and do not need much effort. Here is a little briefing on who can use it;


Mostly conventional couples use it as an aid and something to laugh about it. But lesbian couples have been using these tools for far more pleasure than any of the partners can maneuver. The patterns and the intensities are unmatched. Moreover, with the ease of being hands-free, they have undoubtedly become the most popular item on the market.

Different designs have been popping up every once in a while with better and more erotic features. Such as the cock ring rabbit toy allows both to enjoy the pulsations while they make some wild love. The pulsations felt are synchronized by the bodies and aids in giving both of them a better and a climax they will need to catch a breath from.

Another naughty thing you can do with your wearable device is slide it inside, let your partner control the vibrations and their intensities. It gives a very submissive feeling to the one wearing it if you are in a little BDSM.


Though they are designed for couples to have more intense coitus, you couldn’t use them for good masturbation. The straps hold these vibrators in place, and with different intensities and patterns, you can choose are easily appreciated hand free. Your hands are free to cop a feel around and have a maximum level of arousal leading to climax.

For the same reason, solo’s have been strapping these devices for better penetration and even hitting the G-spot.  There are shaft wrapping devices for men that can make them ejaculate in mere minutes, look into Hot octopuss for more intense masturbation.

Wearable vibrators on the market

There are plenty of options for you and your partner to choose from. But for most amazing experiences, here are a few handy toys that you can surprise your partner with, and they will thank you immensely.

1.    Basics Vibrating Rabbit Cock ring

This joy ride is for you and your partner to enjoy. The mechanics are simple. The ring goes around the shaft. It is beaded, and as it vibrates, it makes your man had and ready to lead. The projecting tickle ears are for clitoris stimulation. It is for both internal and external stimulations that take both partners to climax.


It is a basic design advised for couples who think their sex life is getting boring. However, it sure does add an extra pint of spice. This has been recommended by couples almost everywhere. They feel it has aided their marriage out of a rut.

2.    Secrets 5 Function Remote Control Vibrating Lace Thong

For all the ladies looking to have relative orgasms even while you go out; here is an amazing toy that can be controlled from ten meters away. This tiny work of art comes with lace undies that will leave your partner drool over you and want more. While you can insert the head and let your partner control your pulsations and you can keep hiding your orgasms while you can’t resist curling your toes.

 Who should try?

This device is made for all the daredevils out there and men who want their women to be a little more submissive. So take the lead and get the control in your hands; go on a date night and let your partner’s pants dance while she tries to hold a straight face.

3.    Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knickers vibrators

These are having 12 variations and three patterns in your knickers so you can walk around and hand orgasms after orgasms. This design for vibrators has been mod useful for women who need to work around but still need moments to lay back and have an amazing climax. The toy comes with a comfy knicker and remorse control. The rest is for you to math it out.

If you are indeed a solo, let it rock your world with just pulsating in your knickers, it stimulates the clitoris and can be used for the climax with penetration.

4.    Lovense Lush 2 App controlled Rechargeable  Love egg vibrator.

For lovers who have been separated by distance. Worry not. You may still have your lover make you orgasm repeatedly. This egg-shaped device has two egg ends that can be used to penetrate and provide clitoris stimulations. This toy can be controlled with a mobile app, which your partner can control sitting miles apart. Now imagine if you get a pair of these, and both of you can help each other into oblivion.

The amazing Lovense

These toys can be used by couples that are married and even in a relationship. We just do not want you to feel as if any distance can come between your partner. This sexy toy has been made for those trying to work out a long-distance relationship or have to be apart for a certain reason.  These powerful vibrations can be felt for a long way.


There are many vibrators on the market to help you satisfy your needs. One of them is the wearable ones that help your partner join in on the amazing experience that leads to a breathtaking climax.