Weave Hairstyle Techniques That Every Woman Should Know


Weave hairstyles make it easy to update your hairstyle. Weave hairstyles can be versatile and stylish, but they also require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are a great accessory that doesn’t have the “ouch” factor. This hairstyle involves adding hair extensions to the natural hair or sewing to alter its style. 

Different Types of Hair

Five hair types can be used for hair extensions: Brazilian, Indian Malaysian, Eurasian, Peruvian and Eurasian. Brazilian hair texture is thick, coarse and full. This makes it ideal for African-American women. Indian quick weaves on the other side, are thicker in texture. Because it is virgin Indian hair, it is very expensive as it has not been treated and therefore retains its natural lustre. The soft, fine texture of Malaysian hair is what makes it so unique. It is easy to manage and soft to touch. Eurasian hair comes from people of European or Asian heritage. This type is thick but silky and soft to the touch.

Hair Weaving Techniques

The Malaysian Sew In method is one of the most secure. This method adds hair without the use of braids or adhesives. As a result, it does not cause hair to fall out or damage your scalp. This method is ideal for women with short hair, even up to one inch. With proper care, the form can last for approximately a month to two years.

The traditional sew-and-net weaving technique is best for women who want to increase their hair volume or cover thinning areas. Each extension is attached to the mesh with a thin mesh net as the foundation. This reduces stress on the natural hair. This would last for approximately two months if it was maintained properly.

Quick Weave

The quick weave is an alternative to traditional weaving. Bonding adhesives are used during weaving to connect the hair to the natural hair. The liquid sealant protects the hair from bonding glue, which can be removed after shampooing.

The micro link fusion weaving technique works well for ladies who want to keep their extensions in place for longer than a few weeks. The hair extensions are attached to your natural hair using hot glue. The copper tube is used to attach the extensions to the root hair. This would be a permanent solution, but it can burn the skin if one touches hot glue.

It is not an easy task to apply a weave. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete most weaves, depending on whether it is sewn in or glued in. While some of the newer techniques are faster, they can still take as long as 2 hours to complete. Quick weaving is an ideal solution for women who don’t have the time to go to the salon. To learn more about this, we recommend you check out this detailed quick weave guide.

Apply a Weave

What is quick weaving? A quick weave is a weave that’s not sewn, glued, or adhered to the hair. A stocking cap brief weave wig is the fastest way to do a quick weave.

You will need to have a stocking cap, a shower cap and continuous track hair extensions. (One recommendation is Outré Doby’s Kiss Weave). In addition, anti-fungal hair glue-like Salon 30 sec glue, weave hold spray, and a rattail brush are necessary.

The next step is to cornrow your hair. Finally, place the shower cap on top of the cornrows. The stocking cap should be placed on top of your shower cap. Start at the nape by taking the weave in one arm. Use glue to attach the track. Start at the nape area of the stocking cap and place the track’s starting point just below the left eye. As you press down on the trail, lay the remains of the track in the same way as the head. Spray a bit of holding spray over the area where you have just applied the track.

Wrap the Weave

You don’t need to cut the path. Instead, wrap the weave around your head, making sure that the ways are at least 1″ apart. Continue wrapping the weave around the head until it reaches the crown.

You will continue going around the crown to secure the wig. Only when you get to the height, you’ll be placing the tracks directly on top of each other. Cut off approximately 3 inches of the tail end at the closure’s end. Roll the tail end toward the closure. Place glue on the rolled edges of the track. The track edges should be pointed downwards towards the closer. Next, use the tail end of a Rat Tail Comb to press the last section into place. You can fit the team into the closure by using the comb.

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