Web Fonts in Email Campaign: What You Need To Know

What are web safe fonts and web fonts?

Mobile phones and laptops use safe fonts by default. They allow you to create a unique message using your email newsletter system and text content. If you use your corporate identity, users can immediately recognize your company. Documents created using special programs feature fonts that are also needed for:

creating letters;

formation of texts for blogs;

personal correspondence.

Other fonts may not display correctly on a phone or when viewed on a particular OS device, as they are intended for content posted on the Internet. They allow you to expand the possibilities for creating unique designs of websites.

How to use web fonts in your email campaigns

Best fonts for email messages don’t require any skills to be included in the text. There are certain ways that allow you to apply a suitable layout to display text on a device of your potential customer. The former involves linking fonts to a CSS style sheet that contains important information about emailing fonts. You can save the file with the necessary data on your own or another server. After that, the information will be converted into the required format, and you will be able to include it in messages.

You can embed CSS code in an HTML file that will become a style block. This way you can be sure you used email safe fonts in the letter. The file will be loaded without applying an external style sheet. Thus, it is possible to determine the appropriate fonts that fit the interface of your site.

Wrap up

If there are no strict rules to follow when designing your newsletter, opt for the best business email font. Customizing bulk messages with original fonts will make them more attractive to users. Try Atompark software to make your customized bulk messages.

Don’t forget about backup fonts. In some cases, it may turn out that the style can’t be loaded on the user’s device, and in such case the letter will be displayed incorrectly. Nowadays, it is much easier to create beautiful and original emails that will include elements of your company’s website. This will make your newsletter stand out from others received by users.