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If you dream about extraordinary wedding album filled with romantic photos, these 10 unique wedding photo ideas is all you need to make your dream come true. In order to avoid staged portraits or group pictures, look through the following list of 10 wedding photo ideas.

1. Create Beautiful Effect with Balloons

One of the best bridal picture ideas is to take pictures with balloons. Thus, you can brighten up your pics and make them more colorful with this charming background. Another advantage of the balloons is the possibility to combine them with a range of various poses and in such way manifest your creativeness and take spectacular shots. In addition, it is a great opportunity to show bright colors in the photo or you can choose the color of the balloons according to the main color of your wedding, so that the photos look incredibly stylish. You can just pose with balloons or arrange a lifestyle photo session. This handy prop is suitable for any type of wedding photo styles.

2. Rings as a Symbol of Endless Love

Bridal pictures with rings are a traditional wedding picture idea. All photographers have taken it as a part of their shoot list. But the rings just lying on a cushion or in a box look too standard and boring. Are you looking for a way to make such wedding pictures unique and really beautiful? One of the most interesting wedding photo ideas with the rings is to induce the close-up of the just married couple holding their hands. It’s far better than merely shooting rings on some surface as it adds personal and intimate accent. This is an excellent picture for the wedding photo gallery of any bride. You can either put the couple in the background or make a detail shot of their hands with the rings.

Wedding Photos Endless Love Rings

3. Use Confetti

Your bridal pics will be more charming with the sparklers or the environment petal confetti. Use long shutter speed to capture the sparkler trails. Basically, sparklers are a perfect decoration in the image. The best confetti are small petals such as delphinium or wild flower petals as both of them are light, and will fall delicately and slowly. Thanks to its universal character such a prop is convenient for all wedding pics ideas.

4. The Best Place for Fun Wedding Pictures is a Photo Booth

A wedding photo booth is a specially arrange spot, which serves as the background for creative photos. Guests can pose there with the newlyweds or without them. Nowadays wedding photo booths are an important element of the ceremony because with their help you will easily take cool wedding photos. Photographs use them as a scenery component or as an element of the overall composition. Choose any of the available options and take exceptional festive pictures. You are free to use classical form of this prop for all your wedding photo booth ideas.  Classic is always on trend. No need to explain guests what to do – such a wedding photo booth says it all. Frankly speaking, it is one of those photography props that may be used for almost any wedding. Still, you can take only close-up wedding photos not full-length portraits.

Wedding Photo Booth

5. A Large Window Makes Photos More Airy and Atmospheric

A big, light window will be invariably an excellent benefit for the cutest wedding photos! With the window, you may demonstrate your artistic skills, because creative possibilities are almost never-ending. In fact, the shady images taken near the window will be cute as well. Indeed, a large window will naturally light up the room and you will have the opportunity to realize the best wedding pics ideas. A beautiful window can be used at any stage of the wedding photo shoot. For example, those photos in which the bride is staying near the window during her boudoir photo session taken by Alli Murphy look very beautiful. Vintage windows in old or stylized buildings look awesome. The couple often chooses such a location for their photoshoot. But if you do not have a big window, you can always use a large window in the restaurant where you will celebrate the wedding.

6. Stairs will Help You Represent Film Episodes

Use the stairs to realize unique wedding photo ideas. You’ll definitely create the cutest wedding photos if you try various fashion poses with newlyweds. Using the stairs as an outstanding background, you can make your shots more stylish and refined. Try to recreate the incredible scenes from your favorite movies. For example, from the Titanic or La-La-Land. Avoid using the standard poses, as the classic photo will be too boring. Try to stand at a different level from each other or let the bride turn her back so that you can see the train of her dress and the beautiful veil in all details. Such interesting locations require interesting poses.

7. Use Vintage Stuff

Vintage style for the wedding photo session has been on trend for many years and is still one of the most popular options for cool wedding photos.  You can take fascinating bridal pictures selecting suitable outfit and props for the couple. In order to create a vintage mood, you should have at least one element in this style, for instance, some kitchenware or a decorative element. Even artificial flowers decorating the furniture will look vintage. Use appropriate requisite to add a vintage touch to your wedding pics ideas. Excellent vintage accessories may be a groom’s watch or a bride’s hairpins. Remember about magic faded tints and color correction that you can create by means of wedding photo retouching service.

8. Add Charming Touch with Family Pets

No matter what pet you have, it may become an important member of your wedding. First of all, take into consideration their character and find out if animals are allowed at the wedding venue. It’s very popular among couples to take their pets with them to the ceremony. But, if it is not possible in your situation, just choose another time to take pictures with pets before the wedding. Anyway, ask your coordinator to prepare a special place for your little friend for it to feel safe and comfortable.

9. Natural Background

One of the main benefits of your outdoor wedding photo ideas is that there is no need to select any accessories. Foregoing pictures perfectly illustrate it! You’ll easily get the best photos filled with love using soft light. The classic example of such bridal picture ideas are always the beaches. There you’ll have a gorgeous background especially in the desolate places. Many couples intentionally plan their wedding by the sea to enjoy beautiful views and take incredible photos. Other couples choose national parks and forests. For example, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, Glen Canyon and other national parks are very popular among wedding couples. There you can always find a variety of landscapes for incredible photos. For those, who do not want to leave their hometown, we suggest using small forests or beautiful flowering fields outside your city. Any nature will create an incredible background for your photos.

10. Demonstrate Your Creative Abilities with Drone Photography

To fly or not to fly – that is the question! Aerial picture ideas become more and more popular and it’s not strange because of the fascinating views. The wedding pictures taken from the air show the best moment of the wedding with all the details. Using the drone will make your photo more spacious and fit all visitors in the frame.


Basically, the most important thing about the photographer’s work is not the technical side but the result. First of all, the client appreciates the number of lifestyle photos with the most precious moments of the event such as happy faces, shiny eyes, romantic kisses, etc. Heartfelt feelings matter a lot and using our wedding photo ideas you will surely present them in the most appealing way.

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