Weight Loss: 5 Overlooked Tips That Are Incredibly Effective


Losing weight is hard. Anyone that has tried to shed the pounds can attest to that statement. Despite the fact that there are many guides and methods available for becoming leaner and healthier, it doesn’t always make it any easier for everyone that tries.

Advice will typically boil down to two things: exercise and diet. Yet if it were as easy as being more active and eating clean, the United States wouldn’t have an obesity crisis that afflicts over 40% of adults. Losing weight is a different story for each person, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

There are, however, certain techniques that are more effective than others just like injecting saxenda pen- the only FDA-approved weight loss medication in a pen form. Check out the link to buy saxenda pen online.  Plus, due to the popularity of other methods, these often go overlooked – but not for any longer. Here are five tips to consider for your weight-loss repertoire.

1. The right fasting plan

Fasting is not a new or novel technique. It has been in use for a long time to battle the bulge. With that said, there are many different approaches you can take with fasting. One of these is a prolonged fast.

You might be speculating what to expect on a 5 day prolonged fast. Well, you have to expect that it is a serious challenge. Yet you are also rewarded for the effort, as it helps burn fat fast, gain improved mental clarity, and more.

2. Consume icy water

Hydration is an important aspect of weight loss, and there’s no better option than water in that regard. Always try and replace drinks like smoothies and coffee with water.

There are also strategic ways of consuming water. For instance, ice-cold water assists with tricking the body into burning energy to maintain normal temperature, which is particularly effective between meals.

3. Avoid eating before a workout

While you might believe it is better to eat something beforehand for the energy, it is actually recommended to avoid food before any workout. It helps with your body utilizing fat as fuel, which ensures you drop pounds rather than simply burning off what you’ve just consumed.

If you’re not doing a workout in the morning, try and skip eating four hours before your planned exercise.

4. Space out meals

When you do get around to eating, don’t fill your day with constant snacking. You must space out your meals. This allows your body to fully digest each meal, preventing insulin spikes in the process – a key factor in weight loss.

As for the time you should have in between meals, it is suggested you go with four-hour intervals at a minimum.

5. Track your progress

To lose weight successfully, you have to keep a close check of your progress. This isn’t just simply analyzing the pounds you shift, either. You should also track your calorie consumption, exercise routines, and anything else that relates to your weight loss journey.

The good news is there are many best weight loss supplements and weight loss apps available, which makes tracking your progress a simple affair.

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