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If you are looking for balance in the World of Warcraft, you come to the wrong place. Shadowlands addition is not an exception. There is no justice for all, and some classes are way better when it comes to inevitability, DPS strength, and raiding. If you already have a Mythic 14 key, you have nothing to worry about, except for getting a +15 keystone.

The Mythic+ season of Shadowlands is getting more popular with every new day. It offers lots of new great stuff for players, including 8 dungeons, 3 affixes, seasonal affix, class changes, AoE cap implementation, and extra Covenant bonuses to the dungeons. There are 24DPC specs that you may already be closely familiar with.

Rankings of DPS in Mythic+

Every spec can be ranked based on simple metrics. To find out which one you need or currently witnessing, you have to pay attention to the following information:

  • The performance of the spec in the High Keys, like World First Key action or the keys in the nearest levels;
  • The performance of the spec in the Weekly Keys, like the higher end of the levels of keys that you can find in your group finder after everyone from your team obtained the gear.

High Keys and Weekly Keys rankings are simple and understandable. They have the scale of Fine, Good, Great, and the superior is Excellent. According to the developers, they have considered even the “Poor” rank but maybe Christmas spirits persuade them not to upset players more than they deserve. Anyway, the lowest rank is “Fine”. “Poor” could have a deal with BFA’s iteration of good old Affliction Warlock, but for now, there is no need for it, as any specs that exist in that area have been avoided.

Specs and Keys

No matter which spec you choose, you can always turn its flaws into your weapon. There are no huge differences for great players when it comes to specifications. However, the best players always know what they deal with.

Shadowlands’ Leaders

These characters are mighty and powerful if you know how to use their abilities.

Outlaw Rogue

  • High keys: Excellent
  • Weekly keys: Excellent

Outlaw is still one of the leading specs in the BFA. And it is predictable that with the following attention to the spec, it is one of the top choices for Shadowlands. It provides the AoE, which is quite on-demand, and the single target is incredibly competitive. A utility that shows the Outlaw gains high marks in both keys. One player of the spec can control enemies with Kidney shots, Gouge, Blind, Shiv.

Marksmanship Hunter

  • High keys: Excellent
  • Weekly keys: Excellent

They can call the huge damage upon their enemies through the Wild Spirits window. They are great at blowing packs up before the rest of the team moves at least on the meter in the lower keys. Tranquilizing Shot is a great addition they use. Keep in mind that they operate under the 5 target cap through.

Balance Druid

  • High keys: Excellent
  • Weekly keys: Great

You will definitely want to use high DPS Single Target and huge AoE of Balance Druid for a few difficult moments in Shadowlands. It will be useful in Halls of Atonement’s Inquisitor Sigar pull or Plaguefall’s Gushing Slime pull. They can show impressive effects like Soothe, Entangling Roots, and Rebirth. Mythic+ offers a new effect named Stampeding Roar.

Subtlety Rogue

  • High keys: Excellent
  • Weekly keys: Great

After several years of weakening for Uldir’s sins, Subtlety is back. When it is needed, this spec provides just enough power for a huge damage. Now it has the Black Powder, and the ability to participate in the AoE (no more than 8 targets). They are great for Prideful. Keep in mind that Shadow Blades they use work well for a single target.

Fire Mage

  • High Keys: Great
  • Weekly keys: Good

They offer great DPS with the Shifting Power and Combustion in the overlap of Night Fae. Lower level keys do not reveal the potential of the spec. However, they still can stand against much damage and survive Combustion. Ignite can spread only to the 8 targets, which is rather upsetting, but Flamestrike, on the other hand, does not have any cap.

Unholy Death Knight

  • High keys: Great
  • Weekly keys: Great

It blasts the damage better than others. They are perfect for single targets with their Soul Reaper and high AoE performance. There is still no cap for their AoE despite previous attempts. Compared to similar Melee specs they still rule! In High Keys, you can use the Anti Magic Zone to your advantage against hard to get bosses like Plaguefall’s Margrave Stradama.

Frost Mage

  • High Keys: Great
  • Weekly keys: Great

Frost is a top-spec, dearly loved by many of us, especially when it comes to the Priority damage. More targets mean more Ice Lances and Frozen Orbs are thrown in the target. The AoE damage is also big. Besides, it can be improved in the Shifting Power of Night Fae. You can also master your Mirrors of Torment ability.

Retribution Paladin

  • High keys: Great
  • Weekly keys: Great

Paladin brings the burst damage using the Avenging Wrath cooldown. Venthyr Paladin has Ashen Hallow 4 minute cooldown that gets more powerful with every keystone level. Ret Paladins can use Divine Toll’s cooldown. Their Divine Shield, Cleanse Toxins, and Blessing of Protection are useful for the whole team.

Which One to Pick?

The choice is yours. Here you can find the top specs which are currently on demand in Shadowlands and its first season Mythic+. However, there are many more options available in the game. You can explore them one by one. No matter what you choose, there is plenty of room for developing your skills and making your attacks deadlier. Don’t forget that you play in a group and you have to act in coordination with others. Check out how you can help your team by mastering your skills before the game.

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