West Palm Beach Private Jet Charter Services: Everything You Should Know


One of the top brokers for private jet charter flights is BitLux. They have altered how the private jet charter is handled since they started just a few years ago. They think that by providing the finest customer service while upholding the highest moral standards and safety requirements, they can enjoy a long and prosperous career in the aviation sector.

They have access to a large selection of jets spread over the globe. Their customers can select the aircraft that best suits them because they have a large selection. At all hours of the day, they make it possible for clients worldwide to use these jets. They advertise a round-the-clock charter service that allows customers to reserve a charter plane whenever and wherever they need it.

Since the beginning, their service has become of higher quality due to their dedication to employee training, advancement of safety standards, and comprehension of customer requirements. They take pride in serving almost all nations and significant cities with their charter planes.

Vision & Mission

BitLux aspires to be a person’s or organization’s extension for success so that it can be more than just a private aeronautical resource. They are committed to offering the best, most comprehensive service in the private aviation industry through a detail-oriented and communicative procedure.


The primary objective of BitLux is to expand beyond being a source for private jet rentals. They want to be a client’s success extension. Thousands of registered airplanes worldwide are interconnected with the unique technologies they utilize.

As soon as you contact BitLux with your flight request, their private jet charter team will begin to work on giving you a formal price on your request. With BitLux, security is their top priority, and they make sure that privacy is always protected.

They keep their customers secure by maintaining an ARG/US Registered Broker rating, personally inspecting aircraft and crew, and requiring the highest customer service standards from all in-flight workers. To ensure that they can fly the best private aircraft, all pilots on BitLux jet charter flights undergo extensive training and are held to the highest standards in the business.

ATP Pilot Certification

ATP Pilot Certification

The highest FAA and international safety regulations are followed by the pilots, who individually inspect your charter plane before each flight and once more after landing. Additionally, safety must originate from the ground up, and their data security methods accomplish this.

They ensure that customer data, which is frequently sensitive, is kept in a secure network that cannot be breached or accessed by personnel from outside the organization. They protect client data by encrypting it at a high level and storing it behind several firewalls. BitLux strongly emphasizes security, which impacts our choice of organizational structure, personnel, and business partners.

Safety Experience

https:/flybitlux.com/locations/west-palm-beach-private-jet-and-air-charter-flights (Bitlux) is sincerely committed to giving customers a completely safe private charter aircraft experience. Their clients place a high value on security and privacy. Thus they make sure they take all reasonable steps to provide this security. Their uniqueness lies in their unwavering commitment to aviation safety.

The Pillars of BitLux

Kyle Patel, Executive & Charter Director

Kyle Patel, Executive & Charter Director

Since the beginning, Kyle Patel has worked in aviation. Kyle has a never-ending fascination for aviation and the professional lifestyle that goes along with it because his father is a commercial airline pilot, and he frequently visited aviation museums as a child.

He genuinely enjoys helping people—from his closest friends and most frequent clients to someone simply looking for information—achieve their goals, learn new things, and contribute to the community’s achievements.

Caio Holtz, VP of Charter Sales

As a charter manager for BitLux, Caio manages the sales staff and all client trip operations. Caio’s love of flight, which he developed as a child, has grown ever since. One of his father’s friends, who had a little prop plane, was kind enough to take him flying almost every weekend when he was a kid.

Since then, Caio has plunged deeply into the sector without looking back and continues to be as enthusiastic about airplanes as before. Caio got the chance to work for an airline while attending college to become a pilot, which allowed him to travel the world and reignited his enthusiasm for both travel and aviation.

Kimberly Parker, Creative Director & Experience Coordinator

One of the kindest and most imaginative women we know is Kimberly. She is the person you see when you enter your plane and find fresh flowers and a well-provided meal.

Kim has an excellent flair for capturing the lovely sights and fragrances that bring out the intricacies of your trip, thanks to her years of expertise with creative direction gained from her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and her vast experience teaching children’s art classes.

Christopher Gannon, Charter Manager

Chris is a respected team member and charter manager at BitLux. He brings expertise and a passion for quality to every charter he oversees. Originally from East Tennessee, Chris relocated to Florida to pursue his passion in the aviation sector.

This professional path has provided Chris with new opportunities and ongoing challenges. Chris approaches his job with a “people first” philosophy. His other love is helping others; this philosophy is evident in his commitment to providing BitLux customers with an exceptional experience.

Services Provided

From Cargo Jet Charter, Helicopter Charter, Aircraft Management & Placement

to Executive Private Jet Charter, BitLux has wholesome offers. BitLux offers a top-notch private jet service, and they are happy to help in any way possible, whether you are traveling for work or pleasure. With private jet charter, they offer excellent safety, service, aircraft selection, and experience. Airports designated for public use, those with commercial enplanements tracked by the FAA, or both.

Booking Flights

Booking Flights

When you receive your price, your charter manager will provide as much information as possible so you may have a good idea of what to expect from your trip, including a quick overview of each choice, our experience using that aircraft, what it might be like given your situation, and as much detail as possible.

Once you’ve decided on the make and model of the aircraft, you’ll receive a charter agreement via Adobe Sign, which can be completed from anywhere in the world using a computer, phone, or tablet. The cost of the trip may be paid using a credit card, wire transfer, or Bitcoin. Pay must be received before an aircraft can be scheduled or reserved. Your flight is confirmed once, so get going! You will receive a preliminary trip sheet containing some of the following.


You are free to go straight to your car or the FBO after alighting to get some refreshments or stretch your legs. Most FBOs offer excellent facilities like freshly brewed coffee, cold water, and toilets, and they can even help you find a cab if your Charter Manager has not already made arrangements for one.

The crew will either debrief or close the aircraft after you’ve departed the airport or start preparing for the subsequent flight.

After your trip, your charter manager will follow up with you within 24 to 72 hours to close it off as successful.


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